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Parliament to raise its Wednesday after questioning Yaoa and vote to continue to read the three bills

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Parliament to raise its Wednesday after questioning Yaoa and vote to continue to read the three bills

28/11/2011 17:47

Baghdad / Orr News
Lifting of the House of Representatives held its meeting today, headed by Osama Najafi, President of the Council and attended by 180 deputies, to the next Wednesday after he questioned Secretary of Baghdad Sabir al-Issawi, and voted in principle to continue to read the three bills.

A statement by the Department of the media in the House of Representatives that the Attorney Uzair Hafez read a statement on behalf of the Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in which he congratulated the people of Iraq and the Islamic nation on the occasion of the new Hijra year, recalling the lessons posed by migration of Prophet Muhammad (r) and its role in building the Muslim community.
He stressed "the importance of benefiting from the lessons of the Prophet's noble in our present and our future and our future generations in order to unify efforts and re-assemble the ranks of harmony and love among the people."

After the Council voted in principle to continue to read the bill to support development projects and submitted by the committees of financial, economic, legal, and the draft law on the status of training the monetary and banking and submitted by the Finance Committee, the draft Convention on the Law of economic cooperation and trade and technical cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United Kingdom, submitted by the committees of Finance and economic and foreign relations and legal.

In another matter, the Council began the process of questioning Secretary of Baghdad Sabir al-Issawi, because he confirmed the applicant's Attorney Shirwan Waeli that "questioning is an important aspect of the work of the Council of Representatives." For his part, al-Issawi ready to answer any questions regarding the work of the Secretariat of the service of the supervisory role of the Council of Representatives.

Started the MP Waeli questioning session asking questions about the foundation, which has it secretariat would forward the work on developing the channel the military, has answered Issawi that the work of the Municipality of Baghdad is focused on restoring the country's infrastructure has been awarded the Council of Ministers the power absolute trust and for the implementation of special projects in the Arab Summit and support the attribution of the Municipality of Baghdad style single show, according to specific exceptions.

He noted that the company / Arab Contractors / her contract, which was referred to in cooperation with the company / Ahlgre / represent a well-known companies in partnership. He noted that the company Waeli / Ahlgre / fake and is registered with the Registrar of Companies, the project has been assigned to it through forged documents.

But al-Issawi said the health of procedures and documents submitted by the Arab Company, expressing his willingness to take responsibility in the event of non-completion of the implementation of the Army Canal Project on time or in the case of non-arrival of ratifications of companies executing the projects.

And asked for granted Waeli advance by the operating companies to conclude contracts with them. In response, al-Issawi stressed the lack of any violations of the law in dealing with companies based on the health of the issuance of the letter of guarantee, as the assignment of projects are made through specialized companies.

For his part, said Waeli development that channel the military has been initiated since October 2010 has been free from a paragraph of appreciation and guesswork to compare rates and that the Ministry of Water Resources has provided 27 billion dinars for the implementation of the project, and the consultancy contract for the project came after the conclusion of the contract two months later.

While al-Issawi said that this project has become outside the jurisdiction of the ministry, especially as it is a legitimate entertainment for the people of Rusafa, and the Secretariat was able to get hold less than 11 billion dinars, the price of the ministry to implement the project. He pointed to the reliance on consultancy contract on the feasibility of the project by relying on the personalities of consulting foreign experience in the task of project management in Baghdad.

He Waeli to the importance of knowledge bases for the assignment of the Municipality of Baghdad Street Development Project airport in preparation for the Arab summit at a cost of 227 billion dinars for a Turkish company and the experience and the reasons for delay in the business in addition to the adoption of labor-Turkish skilled private and that the percentage of completion of the project amounted to 6% since the start of the project in December first-past, and that the company is not registered or sober.

The Secretary responded to Baghdad that he was relying on the decision of the Council of Ministers to give full authority to the Secretariat of the adoption of the contract sole. He continued, was nominated MP Shirwan Waeli to Ankara to choose a company to carry out discreet projects pursuant to the principle of transparency, but he apologized for the participation of the delegation.

He noted that about 200 workers, technicians and engineers working in the Turkish project, implemented by the company which is one of the best in Turkey as a recognized and reputable large, calling for the presidency of the Council of Representatives to form a committee for the rehabilitation work.

In turn, inquired about the cost of Waeli Airport Road Rehabilitation Project, amounting to 227 billion dinars, and disbursement mechanisms and financial waste in the project, which was worth four times the real price.

In response to a question said al-Issawi that the assessment of the cost of any project depends on a table quantities detailed which is not owned by MP, denying access of any waste of money or be the cost of a project to prepare Airport Road exaggerated, and noting that the percentage of work rehabilitation amounted to about 40% of the planned.

In another matter Waeli said that the contract for the implementation of carrier-west line president marred by administrative irregularities related to tenders closing after office hours being without exception, as the company implemented and put on the black list in addition to the reluctance of the project.

In response to the stressed-Issawi said the directive allows the possibility of accepting bids on the same day in the event is not open bids, noting that the conclusion of the contract with the companies placed on the blacklist before you put them in good standing.

He noted that if the contract was concluded after the entry of the company to the black list is a problem, stating that the referral of the project has been placed before the company in the black list, and stressing that the project is so huge and is going well.

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