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Tunnel light

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Tunnel light

Tuesday 09 July
Baghdad / Al-Sabah

A book entitled "Light in the End of the Tunnel ... Views and Banking and Economic Studies" was published for the banking specialist Samir Al-Nusairi. The book included four chapters, 60 chapters, 204 pages with an appendix, and 12 statistical tables.

The author said in his book that the historical transformations and events witnessed by Iraq are still in place, have not yet established their stable bases, politically stable, economically, socially and security, so the need is urgent to correct the situation and take it to the right paths that provide opportunities for stability, progress and prosperity.

In his book, al-Nasiri paints a road map in line with the philosophy of the modern state, the philosophy that shaped the new constitution of Iraq.

There was a historic opportunity for the government to shift from a government that dominated all activities to a government of planning, coordination and supervision, a government that does not practice blasphemy, but rather leads and guides and opens doors to the private sector to take up its role in promoting the productive and service sectors.

It is regrettable that the government has continued to play its traditional roles inherited and expanded and abandoned its organs in a way that swallowed up the vast majority of the state resources, leaving the government with no possibility of advancement and construction, filling gaps and the huge shortage of infrastructure and services..

The nature of the government's expenditures has deepened the delay of the advancement of the real sector of industry, agriculture, tourism and others, which led to the promotion of consumerism in the chaos of imports and dumping policies practiced by the exporting countries. Iraq has become a huge market to the maximum, that is, the oil resources that are the basis of the state resources Has been going to build the economies of exporting countries.

The book represents an urgent call to change the economic, trade, investment, legal and regulatory policies towards diversifying the sources of the state budget and stimulating the real sector, thus creating sustainable development towards the activation of the disabled natural and human resources.

The book covered in detail the cornerstone of economic policy, monetary policy and the role of the Central Bank of Iraq during the years of defiance after the occupation of the vast areas and the shock of low oil prices.

The writer accompanied these years and monitor the role played by the Central Bank in achieving financial and monetary stability, and the radical changes witnessed by the Central Bank and improve its role locally and internationally

The banking sector remains the focus and attention of the writer as the wheel of the economy, and deepen in all its phenomena and conditions and challenges and ways to promote it, and thus sets a road map for this sector is fully consistent with the plans and directions of the Central Bank to promote this important sector.

Nusseiri's writings have been marked by candlelight in the darkness of the great challenges facing our country as it gropes for stability and prosperity.

It is a visionary and responsible consciousness that reads reality without separating it from its historical and present conditions. Its visions come as objective, substantive and realistic, as its sensors approach and link the arteries of the economy.

It should be noted that Nasiri has already published six books on the methodology of economic and banking reform and his vision to achieve comprehensive and radical economic reform in Iraq.

The book entitled "Light at the End of the Tunnel" is the seventh book.
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