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Iraq is close to the Gulf electricity grid

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1Iraq is close to the Gulf electricity grid Empty Iraq is close to the Gulf electricity grid Mon May 20, 2019 10:36 am



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Iraq is close to the Gulf electricity grid

The Gulf Electricity Interconnection Authority (GBC) plans to launch a tender to implement Iraq's link to the Gulf network in the second half of this year, with the start of providing electricity to Iraq in the summer of 2020 at the first step of this link, which was agreed upon. During the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to Saudi Arabia on 17 April

Eng. Ahmed Al Ibrahim, Executive Chairman of the Gulf Electricity Interconnection Authority, said in a press statement that "the tenders for the electricity interconnection project with southern Iraq are being finalized for the second half of this year."

Ibrahim explained that "the Authority will begin coordination through the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council for meetings with the Iraqi side to discuss the plan to implement the project work."

"It is hoped that if the agreement with the Iraqi side in May or June next, the Commission can provide Iraq with electricity capacity of up to 500 MW with the start of the summer of 2020."

He stressed that "the project of connecting with Iraq, which comes within the plan to expand the network of the Gulf electrical link, which is implemented by the Commission in the second half of this year, is a vital and strategic project for the GCC countries, especially that there is a diligent work to develop partnership relations between the GCC countries and Iraq in the areas Economic, political and cultural."

He pointed out that "the Commission supports these trends through the project of electric linkage with Iraq, so the Commission works on the project in southern Iraq, specifically Basra, which is an extension of the current electrical connection," asserting that

"there will be a link from the station in Kuwait to an extension to southern Iraq capacity 400 kV, and the capacity to 1800 MW, which will be reached through ongoing negotiations between the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Ministry of Electricity in Iraq," expected that

"Iraq will be provided electric power during the summer of 2020."

He explained that "the Commission has similar plans to connect with other countries, as last April witnessed a roundtable meeting included a delegation of the Association with representatives from the Indian side, especially that there is great interest in projects linking with Asian countries, particularly India.

He said that "the Gulf Interconnection Authority has received a request to be a member of a special committee to manage the process of electricity linkage and energy markets in Asia," pointing out that

"these projects will be implemented during the second half of this year."

Al-Ibraheem continued to "prepare the studies of the electrical connection with Jordan and Egypt to reach Europe, where the studies are still going on between all aspects.

In addition, the Commission is now in the process of collecting information for preliminary studies linking with Ethiopia and Yemen, long studies that will take longer "He said.

He stressed that "there is a continuous work to develop the energy trade project between the GCC countries, where there is a major role played by the Interconnection Authority to reach bilateral agreements for the exchange of energy trade during the summer period, as several contracts have been awarded to exchange energy between some Gulf countries, So significantly.

And expected an increase in demand this year in the volume of energy exchanged, "referring to" the steady increase in the volume of trade in energy trade during the past years."

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