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Industry announces the availability of 120 investment opportunities during the American Trade Conference in Baghdad

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Industry announces the availability of 120 investment opportunities during the American Trade Conference in Baghdad

2018/12/12 7:47 am

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals revealed the availability of 120 investment opportunities within its subsidiaries during the participation of the ministry in the conference of the US Trade Mission held in Baghdad.

The Director General of the Technical Department in the ministry, Nasser Idris Al-Madani said in a statement that this conference is an opportunity to acquaint and familiarize the American companies and Iraqi companies with their public and private sectors, especially companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals specialized in various industries including mechanical, engineering, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical and food.

More than (120) investment opportunities. Al-Madani added that the United States is the most developed western and international countries in the various industrial sectors.

It can benefit from its expertise and capabilities by transferring expertise, skills and modern technology to develop the Iraqi industrial sector and other sectors such as health, oil, water resources, water purification, heavy water treatment and other services.

He called on the government to speed up the entry of these companies to Iraq through the facilitation of procedures and laws and controls for this.

For its part, the General Company for Mining Industries, a company of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, has announced the completion of maintenance, replacement and restoration of the salt transport and storage line in the washing unit of the saline Samawah.

The official spokesman for the ministry, Abdul Wahid Alwan Al-Shammari said in a statement that the company Samawa Industrial Investment invested for saline Samawah began to wash the salt harvest after maintenance work, including the lifting of the railway stack with a length of more than (300) meters, as well as the bases bearing the iron structure of the carrier belt With reinforced concrete for the line, revealing the readiness of the line of transport and accumulation of salt after completion of civil and mechanical works within the standard specifications.

Al-Shammari said: Samawah Industrial Investment Company continues to complete the applications of the work plan in Samawa saline within the applications designed to develop the practical situation and the production process in the salted, indicating that the building of the warehouse building has been proceeded on the piece dedicated to it and direct digging of the foundations with dimensions of 18 × 60 meters In the form of a structural shed for warehouse use.

He explained: The establishment and setting up the appropriate place for the construction of a roof used for the work of the mechanical workshop for the maintenance of various equipment and mechanisms operating in salted, stressing that work is continuing to implement the paragraphs of the plan in accordance with the time frame set for them.

For its part, the Industrial Research and Development Authority of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced the formation of a special committee on nanotechnology research to keep abreast of the global development in this field.

The official spokesman of the ministry, Mr. Abdul Wahid Alwan Al-Shammari, said that the committee includes a number of researchers to prepare scientific research that will develop the product through the introduction of some modern techniques, noting that the department directed the committee formed by providing three original researches in the specialties of engineering, pharmaceutical, The research plan set up for the station and its centers to keep abreast of the development in the world and to be able to catch up with scientific scientific capabilities and minds in the country and prove their worth and efficiency.

Al Shammari stressed that the company seeks to improve and compete the imported product and support the governmental sector through the exploitation of the research competencies it possesses, especially that nanotechnology takes its great range in the various fields of life, industrial, pharmaceutical, textile, etc.,

noting that nanotechnology is one of the most important technologies at present and in the future.

And is in the forefront of scientific fields because of its importance in improving products and treatment of many diseases in addition to it gives a great development of scientific revolutions in several areas, so the body is working to take advantage of the unique properties of nanomaterials in creating an innovation Inventions serving humanity.

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