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Al-Hantal: The Association of Banks achieved during 2018 significant achievements at the banking and societal levels

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Al-Hantal: The Association of Banks achieved during 2018 significant achievements at the banking and societal levels

President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih al-Hanal
Economy News - Baghdad

The head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih al-Hanalal said on Monday that the Association has achieved during the year 2018 great achievements at the banking and community levels, pointing out that the Association seeks in its vision of the future to continue what it started this year.

"I am pleased and honored to participate in this important conference, and congratulated the Central Bank and the banking sector on the classification we obtained from the International Financial Action Organization, which transferred Iraq from the region," Al-Hantal said in his speech at the Fourth Annual Conference of the Central Bank of Iraq.

"This is the result of the banking procedures taken by the Central Bank in the classification of anti-money laundering and the financing of terrorism, which today is a fundamental issue and important in cooperation between financial institutions and countries."

Al-Hantal added, "We can not mention in this regard the role played by the Central Bank of Iraq in many areas in supporting the development of the banking sector and in promoting joint efforts between it and the government and the private sector, for example the project of settling salaries and work on tax reform and the transfer of tax procedures To the stage of electronic governance, so as to achieve control over customs imports and control without Hadrafsad.

Al-Hantal added that the Association has made significant achievements in the banking and social sectors during the current year and has taken great strides towards strengthening and strengthening human capabilities through organizing 33 specialized courses, seminars and workshops with 852 trainees until November 11, 2018.

The Association also represented the banking sector in many local forums and international and international conferences in addition to its participation and representation of banks and creating a link with many institutions including the US Treasury, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Union of Banks. Arab institutions and other actors, in addition to coordination with institutions and government ministries in various configurations."

"In the area of agreements and cooperation programs, the Association succeeded in concluding six memorandums of understanding during the year 2018, most notably memorandums of understanding with the Association of Banks of Bahrain, the College of Management and Economics of Baghdad University, the Union of Arab Banks and the General Council of Islamic Banks as an authorized agent in Iraq. Central Iraq".

Al-Hantal pointed out that "the Association and the banks participated in large exhibitions to promote the concept of financial inclusion, including the Book Fair and the Baghdad International Fair with wide Iraqi, Arab and foreign participation and special exhibitions in universities and markets for the dissemination of banking services in addition to their participation in Iraq reconstruction conferences in Kuwait, Jordan and Baghdad" He said.

And the President of the Association of Private Banks, "There is no time to list and review more achievements of the Association in 2018, especially in the field of humanitarian activity and society, and in the prequalification of more than 20 areas of Baghdad within the initiative of Baghdad, Enabling and ensuring coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq to support the Iraqi drama and the establishment of two large ceremonies on the occasion of World Peace Day in Baghdad and Paris, as well as support the displaced along with the campaign of our people led by musician Naseer Shamma.

Al-Hantal said, "The Association seeks to achieve a clear and ambitious future vision for the coming year 2019, which will require us to continue in the course of this year, especially in the field of human capacity building for employees in the banking sector and to seek greater opportunities for private banks through dealing with them.

The government will continue its efforts to achieve the goals of financial inclusion in accordance with the perspective of the Central Bank of Iraq and in the framework of diligent efforts and strategic plans. Which will restore Iraqi banking relations to normal."

"The Association of Iraqi private banks as one of the institutions of civil society and one of the pillars of the private sector will not hesitate to continue the path, which despite the short life achieved great successes."

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