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The application of banking science supports the family economy

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The application of banking science supports the family economy

16/8/2018 12:17 AM

Confirming the importance of employing bank deposits in development projects

Baghdad / Mustafa Al Hashemi

The adoption of new patterns of financial behavior is reflected positively on the reality of the economy of the family and the national economy in general begins with the separation of capital from the administration in all banks as this will contribute to the creation of a new service reality that meets the aspirations of the public.

The academic economist d. Essam Mahawili said that "the current stage requires the development of banking reality by adopting modern means to expand the financial coverage of all citizens in order to facilitate their access to finance necessary for the establishment of their income-generating projects."

"The increase in household incomes will stabilize all aspects of economic life, because the expenditure here will be directed if the price stability of all goods and services, including the housing sector," Mahawi said in an interview with Sabah.

Family welfare

Al-Mahawili said that "the banks have a big role in this aspect by financing small and medium-sized enterprises that will undoubtedly support the family economy," pointing out that

"the majority of citizens currently need a loan or housing loans or other miscellaneous to meet the need to provide a permanent financial resource Part of the well-being of the family".

He stressed that "the application of banking science on the ground will build a strong foundation for banks and puts firm ideas in the society and in the economic life of Iraq that the banks have a humanitarian and social role in addition to their developmental role, which will enhance public confidence in its performance and role in the economic process as a whole.

Practice of jurisdiction

"Success comes in the real practice of specialization and according to the scientific fundamentals."

He pointed out that "there is a remarkable increase in the number of banks, but its role has not been achieved in the absorption of unemployment and provide jobs for the unemployed as a contribution to break the thorn of terrorism forever and reduce destitution, The need to benefit from the accumulation of cash to serve the national economy."

Iraq has 36 private banks, spread among 7 Islamic banks, 5 foreign banks and 24 commercial banks, according to the website of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, as well as seven government banks, each of Rafidain, Rashid and the Iraqi Bank for Trade The Agricultural, Industrial and Real Estate Bank, as well as the Islamic Bank of Nahrain.

He pointed out that "banks should apply banking science, especially for holders of certificates of specialization, in addition to enforcing monetary policies in line with the reality of the economy to achieve positive results for its employees and earn a good reputation among the public who needs funding to implement projects."

Banking Science

"The importance of adherence to the data of banking science to reduce the decline of some to bankruptcy, which adversely affects the funds of depositors and the flow of deposits to the economic structure of the country and must be in accordance with the assets, which would promote the reality of public and private banking institutions.

He stressed that "any bank should not be allowed to make its goal only to profit from the auction of currency, as well as to study credit trends and control loans and facilities granted, and it is necessary that private banks are able to manage the liquidity file to avoid withdrawing customer deposits in millions of dollars and dinars suddenly, And not to neglect the daily liquidity requirements to meet withdrawals Potential."

He expressed his hope that banking science will not become forgotten.

Loss is not eternal and profit is not permanent.

But work, seriousness and credibility are the basis for banking in all countries of the world.

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