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The role of Iraqi businessmen in the development of the national economy

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The role of Iraqi businessmen in the development of the national economy

24/7/2018 12:00 AM
Eng. Mohamed Turki Al - Qaisi

The state in the modern concept has interests based on security and defense and strategic policies and the Supreme is more important than the provision of services that private companies and the private sector by the competition in the market to promote and high efficiency with the existence of government control to protect the consumer to become more effective private sector in service Benefiting from the global experience in economic advancement such as the experiences of Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and others, and investing in human resources and huge natural resources. And untapped.

And the fact that Iraq is an oil country should be emphasized on the oil industry, which is a huge opportunity for the private sector to provide its services in the fields of exploration, exploration and extraction as well as transportation and refining and petrochemical projects in partnership with a number of international companies after the creation of the Iraqi investment environment and make it attractive environment for investments Of all kinds.

And to promote social responsibility and the environment for the private sector in line with the global standards of the submitted and comprehensive work through partnership with the government to adopt the local network of the United Nations Global Compact in Iraq.

As the dominance of the state and the public sector in all aspects of Iraqi economic life during the previous years in the history of the Iraqi state since its establishment in 1921 until now, which led to the narrowing and decline of the role of the private sector in different joints of the state through the deterioration of services and decline in addition to the slack of public sector companies and inflation Its cadres with a halt or weak production and not achieve any profits, which weighed the state budget with the crisis of falling prices World oil.

In order to enter the free economy, the Iraqi Council of Ministers, represented by the Advisory Council, initiated the issuance of a strategy for the development of the private sector in 2014-2030, which identified the imbalance, studied all public sector companies, reduced the companies to be liquidated for their non-existence, and identified the companies to be developed and restructured, Later phases of the strategy begin after 2022.

In light of these circumstances, the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, the Federation of Iraqi Industries and others, associations of businessmen councils and professional associations such as the Union of Contractors, the Association of Banks and others have to exercise their role and start cooperation and coordination in order to support the government and the formation of an economic bloc aimed at caring for the organization, The government supports its economic projects away from all the challenges and attribution of the government in the economic field and in the same national lead to lift Iraq out of this crisis and guide the economy to safety in the internal atmosphere and Complicated.

This is a sincere call to all national economic elites in the Iraqi private sector to meet and unite in order to find a formula of understanding between these elites in various directions inside and outside Iraq to cooperate and create a harmonious economic nucleus aimed at developing long-term economic policies.

And work on the return of capital through the provision of an appropriate atmosphere, whether on the level of legislation or laws or the security climate suitable for the process of transformation.

As well as to activate the internal market and establish determinants for the elimination of disguised unemployment and to conduct research development focused on the reconstruction of the economic construction process Of the country.

We hope all the brothers in the councils and associations of businessmen or unions and economic institutions in Iraq inside and outside Iraq to cooperate, consultation and meeting to form an interactive, participatory and competitive private sector to promote sustainable development and to save the economy of Mesopotamia and its extraction and development and transfer from a unilateral oil economy to a multi-source economy On agriculture, industry, tourism and others Of the sectors.

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