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Development and banking sector initiatives

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Development and banking sector initiatives

31/5/2018 12:00 am
Abdul-Zahra Mohammed al-Hindawi

We are now in a time of globalization and globalization. Evolution, progression, evolution, science and nanotechnology. All countries and peoples try to be part of this globalization and not become out of time, not just history.

We are one of those peoples that "Zamt" day and night by dealing with the latest devices and technologies and their various uses.

But when we apply the concepts of globalization on the ground of our reality, we find ourselves not out of history but out of time already "Achvaitlna" be outside history.

Let us go back 2,000 years and work on an inventory of the wars that took place between some Arab tribes in the era of ignorance, where globalization, watermelon and wars are now taking place among our tribes where globalization, melons, plums, cherries, pears and nymphs are sweet. The differences make her baby's head.

Two thousand years ago, the conflicting tribes were ignorant, while today we are Muslims. Those tribes lived in the desert where cruelty and silence.

While today we are with our warring tribes in cities where the water and green and the good face in addition to the types of ice cream, hamburger, kantaki, fattening and urination.

But let us see the nature of the wars that were going on then, and the wars that the agencies and the channels are passing through in a few minutes, while the news of those wars reaches the rest of the tribes in a time that may last for months or even years.

So decades have gone on because globalization has not entered a part of the entity of those wars.

Our wars today begin and end, including the arrival of the police, whose historical task is to surround the place, transfer the bodies to forensic medicine or the wounded to the nearest hospital, and then discuss the "thirst" and the "dikka" and reach the tribal chapter in a short time. I have not yet talked about the wars of those free centuries and our wars today.

Frankly, I am ashamed and try to "meditate" in the article in the hope that it will become 400 words, which is the space that I am allowed to get rid of this embarrassment.

But what by hand is a trick. Facts must be mentioned.

Two thousand years ago, the war of "bosom" occurred because of a race. In a nearly identical history, the war of "dahs and ghibra" occurred because of horse and horse. Then the war broke out because of the "monkey".

To compare our past, including the last tribal battle that took place in Baghdad recently and led to the killing and the capture of five individuals were because of "Chef Ricky." Yes "Chef Ricky". This is in Baghdad in the twenty-first century and in the era of globalization, iPhone, Apple, Samsung and "Big Face".

A few days ago, a tribal dispute broke out in Diwaniyah, which also resulted in dead and wounded and was caused by a "chicken."


Battles between the clans and the use of light and medium weapons (where did these weapons come from ... is not the weapon supposed to be in the hands of the state?) Let us leave this ...

But is it possible that the wars of ignorance will occur because of the camel, horse and horse, while our wars in the era of globalization because of a chicken And Chef Ricky.



Thanks Ikea !


Development and banking sector initiatives

Ministry of Planning spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi "Internet"
Abdul Zahra Mohammed al-Hindawi
Is it possible to say that the Iraqi banking sector is occupying an appropriate area commensurate with its financial and economic capabilities in achieving development in the country, or is it still looking behind the curtain of what is being planned and developed without being able to move its arms to be an appropriate partner in this field? I think the answer to both questions will be yes and not at the same time !!

.. But how can two answers stand on opposite sides that meet under one roof? And let us stand by answering the first question, which will be answered, yes, and these blessings are derived through clear evidence witnessed by the Iraqi arena and specifically in the capital Baghdad, which has become the scene of important developmental and urban activities behind the institutions of banking effective government and private, Project "Baghdad" Which is adopted by the Association of Iraqi private banks, which includes a group of banks active actors and in cooperation and coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq and other government banks, with the participation of civil society organizations, led by the great musician Naseer Shamma, and includes the initiative to develop and rehabilitate the main squares in Baghdad,

It is hoped that these squares will be achieved with a vision of art and aesthetic, which means that we will be in front of a new page will give Baghdad a great artistic and architectural beauty and before the end of this year, and such a wonderful initiative confirms beyond doubt that other important steps and initiatives will be for It has a clear impact on the overall development map of the country and will encourage those who are afraid to go into development.

It is certain that any development will remain lame and unable to overcome the obstacles that we face if we do not have an active banking sector, because the process of financing development projects is very important, especially in the presence of a public sector is facing many problems in the forefront of how to provide salaries and wages of employees in state institutions ..

The experience of the draft "Baghdad" has proved that in the case of the availability of funding required with a sincere intention to work, projects progress towards completion in a manner consistent with the timing of time and quantity, so the duration of the completion of this project is 200 days began at the beginning of this The percentage of achievement has now reached More than 50%, and ends before the end without adding any time periods for the completion of the project, with a high rate of implementation in many large squares in both sides of Rusafa and Karkh

The most important of all is that we want to have an effective banking sector capable of changing the development paths clearly, and the features of such a role have begun to appear in the developmental horizon, through many Among the practices and events and serious steps may include the question of financial coverage and before the issue of the settlement of salaries of state employees and others, and such steps have pushed the institutions of Arab and international banks are considered prestigious and respect for our banking institutions, whether governmental or private, although many of these banking institutions still In addition to its role in the financing of development projects, in the sense that the work should be two tracks, the first track is the process of correction and development and automation of work and keep abreast of international banking systems in this field , And the second track.

Source: Al-Sabah newspaper

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