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Banking Information and Financial Inclusion

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Banking Information and Financial Inclusion

07/4/2018 12:00 am
Gamal Shaker Al - Rubaie

The speed in the variables and technological competition puts the media at the forefront of direct influence on public opinion because the role of the media is to create cultural awareness and general orientation in society.

And today the diversity of media means thanks to scientific progress and scientific studies may have given the media many aspects and means to influence the public opinion and this task is not easy and at the same time is not impossible because the convictions are different towards the goal pursued by any institution and here the media takes its role in influencing by means of persuasion by means of effective and acceptable.

The media should be responsive to the wishes of the various segments and familiar with the tendencies of each category towards a particular type of advertising.

The successful media organization examines the wishes and tendencies of the community groups and sets out a deliberate plan to address each segment.

Because the society is mobile, we also need to put the mobile media, which reaches everyone without bothering. Late at night as he addresses the employee specified hours of specific work or address the housewife in the same way to address the university student or doctor, then the media to arm the culture of community and be able to use media tools in a positive way and perhaps the race with time

The focus is on the media aspect to shorten the time and we may put the media tools below to address the different segments and tastes according to the tendencies of each segment and divide the means of media influence into local newspapers and magazines of all kinds, radio and television as well as social networking sites and websites, as well as light advertising, And direct meetings.

And the diversity of these means evidence of different tastes and tendencies and each means have an impact different from the other and have followed it so we see many successful institutions use various means to attract the customer and create a public opinion towards that institution.

And Iraq today in a race against time to reduce the gap with the developed world, especially in the field of banking culture and diversity and the different services and the mechanism of dealing with them across networks and banking systems to cover various activities and Islamic banks have been able to keep abreast of developments in the world by using the best electronic systems to shorten the time and provide Best customer service with the addition and opening of new outlets to attract the customer.

We seek through the media to create a cultural revolution aimed at the bank is the intimate friend of the individual and try to make it a priority as it gets with the mobile phone and this goal needs to understand the higher departments of the message and importance of the media.

Today, the Central Bank of Iraq seeks to establish the concept of financial inclusion as evidence of the understanding of the financial and economic leaders in Iraq that the banks should play their role in creating and creating outlets and products that meet the needs of different segments because openness to all leads to economic and community development as well as developing capital with the bank and the customer.

One, therefore, we see that the national trend in Iraq is a cultural orientation banker and perhaps the next few years will see a high rate of savings and funding clearly.

The settlement of the salaries of employees is a first step towards financial inclusion.

This encouraging start represents 20% of the society, which we aspire to have even the new born bank account and we must be optimistic every step to serve Iraq and its people.

And financial inclusiveness will impose itself when the banking culture is an important part of the life of the individual and to support that step we have to provide infrastructure for various sectors to facilitate dealing with them very easily and be close to the reach of the individual in the city or village

and these steps may be borne by banks of various types in order to break the case The reluctance of some and the banks to create attractive ways to attract the customer and graduated from traditional frameworks inherited through contracts while retaining lines of safety and confidence and banking standards.

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