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Relationship: the salary domiciliation project enhances the capacity of banks

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Relationship: the salary domiciliation project enhances the capacity of banks

16/11/2017 12:00 am

Employee financial facilities provided through

Baghdad/Hussain thghb

Adoption started settling salaries in most countries of the world for its role in short time and effort on financial transactions, banking fair opened yesterday to settle payroll in the presence of the public and private sectors and by the Cabinet Secretariat in cooperation with the Central Bank and private Iraqi banks Association.

Localization process means staff benefits salaries across Government and private banks after account opening salary deposited and use electronic payment cards packed with fiscal balance through payment'll be able to do all the requirements of the employee in his daily life.

Banking technologies

Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat, Dr Mahdi relationship said that the payroll localization project contributes to economic development by promoting the financial capacity of the banking sector, "pointing out that" the decision 313 of 2016 to fix salaries and activated and allocations to employees in government departments electronically.".

He noted "the importance of the electronic card, which represents an important step on the path to publication of Bank technologies", noting

"the need to create a solid banking sector contributes to the economic development process effectively."

Competitive market

Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ismail Mohsen said: "in order to shift from cash society entirely to online community, leading the Central Bank campaign shift to online community as best global contexts".

"The advantages of switching to online community currency cost reduction and low risks, and actively participates in the development of banking services," Noting

"the shift will create a competitive market and develops products for customers, develop systems and programs provides banking jobs Great for young people, especially if there is a clear interaction between young people and the banking sector."

Ismail was drawn to the "localization of salaries means upgrading financial inclusion, which became the framework for all States and mobilize resources in real development."

Secured cards

Iraqi private banks Association Chairman meek "resettled between bitter melon salaries letter to reach financial inclusion means access banking services to all citizens throughout the country via secured cards", stating that

"this Conference is an extremely important message specific showing that Iraq keeps Banking transaction, this can touch by displaying products at the fair.

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks on Gibraltar "this project starts from the headquarters of ministries to expand horizontally, 14 banks were selected by the Central Bank of the total 70 banks represent the bank machine in Iraq."


Tariq pointed out that "an important national project salary domiciliation expires in 2020, according to his plan, the project provides the opportunity to choose the selected bank employee who wishes to resign his salary guaranteed."

Director of Gulf Bank Commissioner Adel Noori said: "this project represents a common interest between the banking sector and the employee does not stop at salaries but occurrence of financial services and facilities offered to the employee who settled his salary in any of the banks", describing it as "an important step in activating Advanced systems in all banks".

Best systems

The Development Bank representative Salim Adel Salem noted that "the Bank is working on having the best systems and services that enhance the relationship with the beneficiary, and thus the Bank was selected by the Central Bank to be within the banks that included this pilot project is an important turning point for the financial sector".

The role of the Bank is issuing cards to employees in ministries, which will accompany the launch of new services.

Points of sale

Associate course Director Mohamed Corporation Commissioner Tahir pointed out that "his role is complementary to the process of issuing cards that require sophisticated technology P O S a selling point, which requires this technique which is a device that handles the card in all the various points of sale without exception."

Outreach Manager at Iraqi Islamic Bank on "project and importance in that it would provide liquidity to the banking system and through the transition to electronic transactions via special cards that can be used throughout the world.

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