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Toward the economic leadership

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Toward the economic leadership

Economic and financial adviser Samir Al Nassiri
Samir Al Nassiri
Samir Al Nassiri

National economic elites in various disciplines must have an active role in analysing and evaluating the economic reality in Iraq during the 14 years and identify failures and challenges and enrichment of successful experiences and bright points that emerged during the suffering of Iraq crisis The financial and economic starting points of national sense and their love for Iraq and its people to be granted the opportunity of the Government because the Iraqi economy welaislhah not make him or his sons real carats techno experts.

The tracker and the role of government institutions during the lean years that Iraq has undergone and is still undergoing since 2003 the Iraqi economy management notes that there are failures and challenges of black pages relating to loss of woadm methodology, programs and policies clearly inconsistent strategies prepared In partnership with international organizations, Iraqi experts and advisers with the reality of the Iraqi economy and resources that supports single sign-on wemassbbh oil rents to structurally and structural access to the economy and lack of stability in the financial system and the monetary system because non-oil deficit and deficit Balance of payments continuing illness in public budgets and the lack of coordination between fiscal and monetary policy in addition, mismanagement of public money and weakness evident in economic leadership for most of the Government's economic institutions and moreover not to give an active role for the private sector in making Economical.

All the above failures plus political and security instability and the war on terrorism has led to economic instability and inadequacies in visions to build a robust national economy capable of drawing the introductions go to social market economy which according to my belief that the solution to the economic reality.

The above challenges created Misty and gloomy Outlook for the economic future of many economic toast, but I believe many economists believe money and locals and sighted that there are promising experiments points and adding some economic institutions in 14 years. Clearly and effectively through the years (2015-2017) and the severe economic and financial crisis.

Notable bright spots in this March is the experience of the Central Bank in supporting the national economy, while maintaining its functions and objectives specified in the law, and that the most important achievement in the Central Bank's contribution to achieving economic resilience decisive victory over terrorism.

I don't want to explain operational procedures and development and balanced relations with Arabic and foreign regional banks and its strategy for the next five years, the results achieved on the scope of monetary policy applications internally and convince global financial organizations, notably the reports The official reaffirms Central Bank policy success in achieving Iraqi economy important transmission of gray up stage.

And as far as we know we are interested in economic and financial and banking Affairs to the operational procedures for the applications of monetary policy, the Bank played a significant role in boosting the national economy and promote the State Treasury (21) trillion dinars in addition to multiple initiatives and contributions to activate the Strengthening economic liquidity of banks and continued payment of staff salaries and dues of contractors and farmers and reach bridges between fiscal and monetary policy coordination and to propose new structural and economic policies of public budgeting for future years and attempts Restore confidence in the banking system.

The Central Bank has proved critically and economically with clear capacity interact and analyze impediments to work and create the conditions to overcome the challenges, and the road is still long before the Central Bank and the Government agencies concerned in order to reach us sound national economy so I invite national elites She loves Iraq and its people to ytvaalo with points and experiences light and sing their ideas and visions and proposals to build a robust national economy and overcoming challenges and correcting wrong paths and quiet and transparent dialogues and without partisan and personal targets, because our national sovereign economic abuse is Abuse of Iraq and its proud people.

Economic and financial adviser
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