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Parliamentary advocates economic localization project salaries and limited State banks

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Parliamentary advocates economic localization project salaries and limited State banks


She called the parliamentary economic need to apply payroll localization project through the use of smart card, p bass possible, and confirmed that it would take, staff salaries and retirees from the public purse around "50 billion dollars a year, which needs the exchange mechanism and procedures Sophisticated and streamlined by the State, at the same time stresses that this action is not subject to manipulation of what users and opportunists during import ATM or trying to give certain licences for private offices in the process of disbursing funds as in retired pay process as "the ironing Kart".

The Iraqi Cabinet decided in 23-8-2017, to the Ministry of planning and development cooperation in coordination with the Ministry of finance and the Central Bank to issue a common functional number of workers in government departments, adopted primarily in government databases, as the Council of Ministers granted the freedom of the employee in Choosing the Bank accredited payroll localization process Central Bank to open a bank account in preparation to receive his salary through electronic account by bank card.

And invites the parliamentary economy Committee member Salam Al-Maliki, in an interview for "(how), the need to apply the procedure as quickly as possible is good and important work at present, adding to the need for the State to settle payroll electronically in Iraq they apply modern technical development gives a touch relieves Of momentum either in banks or chambers accounts in State institutions in order to deliver a streamlined way of salary for either the employee or retiree, which is a profit, especially since Iraq has staff than the four million and 600 employees and is so different from all the neighboring countries and the region, We even brought us employees and retirees and the size of what they take from the State Treasury rescue around 50 billion dollars, "so the disbursement and allocation of the huge sums needed to exchange mechanism and advanced procedures and simplified by the State.

He adds: this procedure requires the Government and the Ministry of finance and the Central Bank provide the mechanism and easy ways to make such significant action, both in how to provide ATM and treat the employee with the citizen, particularly because this procedure will relieve a lot of momentum and pressure on banks Delivery of salaries as required on the issue of bribes,

stressing the need for this action is not subject to manipulation by other users and opportunists especially regarding import ATM or trying to give certain permits to people without others to oversee the disbursement of funds,

we believe that Retired pay process given to some private offices and in turn is paying for retiree versus after receiving payment from banks, is also primitive and is not keeping pace with the evolution of banking transactions.

And Voyager: so we want the State to adopt a mechanism to distribute employee salaries through banks as card "Visa card", especially as regards withholding banks better than the ones you get private offices, here are beneficial to the State because they occupy State banking sector, may also be used This rate of pay incentives and benefits staff or to import ATM and scaled in the future, so there is momentum staff on those devices,

and confirms that: this development is important to us we can't keep putting in old Iraqi banks since 1950 or 1930 's The last century and still today we work, at a time when the world around us is changing because we see all over the world dealing with these easy and modern mechanisms, not to mention being a sophisticated method eases a lot of effort and momentum and provide security to these funds rather than from banks to government departments and can be Theft as happened several times, remains the situation in the Bank and cashed in some fashion safe for officer

And expected the end of the current year payroll automation project or disseminate it electronically by using a smart card, it becomes all about Iraq staff 4.5 million accounted for 10 percent of the total population of the smart card, and receive their salaries from banks across these The card with different uses.

the planning Ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Hindawi confirmed in a press statement, the importance of having mechanisms and procedures that would reassure employees about this new experience that are unfamiliar, indicating that a ATM in public markets, and centers Besides the business headquarters of ministries and Government departments, is essential to enable the card holder shopping, adding:

"the project pushes towards encouraging employees to save, especially under culture of hoarding money and trust between the citizen and the banks aren't particularly private banks.

Question: the principle of competition between banks through the services and benefits provided to clients and to compete in the annual interest rate on funds, what drives the citizen to head toward the Bank which gives a higher interest rate than others, as well as other services for banks Offered to attract depositors from the smart card, similar to loans and banking facilities,

pointing out: "this experiment will face challenges, we find fear among the staff of the blood banks are fulfilling their obligations to depositors, banks should be selected for this mission.

Guaranteed by a government agency.

The selection was entrusted to this procedure to the Iraqi Central Bank as implementing sectoral banking, declared that he chose 16 some banks and some private banks to undertake this task, and that the selection process was in accordance with global standards of high level, the Bank will Guarantor of any Bank of these banks might face problems or lagging in fulfilling its obligations to the extent that it was prepared to pay rather than the Bank for stragglers.

Experts believe that the resettlement of State employees salaries electronically connotations as important step will be reflected positively on the performance of banks to ensure liquidity and restore trust between citizens and the private sector which in recent years has witnessed a decline reflected findings on the reality of the Iraqi economy,

stressing the ability of banks to Implement programmes to broaden services to citizens in a way that enhances the sector's investment base their results reflected on the financial sector generally.

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