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To increase the pace of reconstruction. Government offices and plans to activate the role of the private sector in the national economy

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To increase the pace of reconstruction. Government offices and plans to activate the role of the private sector in the national economy

Baghdad/Fadia servs.

It seems that the end of military operations and freeing land usurped by ISIS, will open the doors to foreign investment and the Government opened its arms in parallel with the private sector to take his place in the national economy, and called for the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment graduates from colleges and institutes for work in the private sector and not rely on the Government sector.

Vice Chairman Harith al-Harithi, to "support the private sector in the national economy begins to lock the security situation in Iraq, stabilize the security situation could not public nor your work stability."

Harithi said in a statement to (range) that "private sector support includes support for laboratories and companies and all the tourist and agricultural and commercial sectors and in Iraq by the Government, in addition to working to ensure the rights of the private sector within the Government sector."

said Harithi need guiding college graduates to work in the private sector, because of its financial crisis on government sector, indicating that the private sector is considered in all countries of the developed world is the engine of investment and economy in all producing countries."

Vice President of the Union of businessmen with a beautiful name Antoine, said that "privatization to steer the national economy requires the development of the labour market to create a skilled technical workforce able to discharge the functions of construction and reconstruction, especially of the liberated areas to contribute to these cities in ages and reduce unemployment and improve the family economy in those areas."

Antoine said in a statement to (range) that "work in the private sector would reduce poverty levels in the areas of natural proportions to address this problem properly and family economy revive earnings after a decline in over three years.

Antoine said work sites under construction need skilled hands working directly in the field, as well as working hands move activities and occupations associated with this process, noting that the private sector has an estimated employment of 5.6 million people able to acquire skills in various activities, pointing out that there are many ratios have the experience and need to be developed to be eligible and ready its competence."

he noted that "domestic and international portfolio will be presented to Iraq and to contribute to reconstruction operations across conferences Reconstruction and development support by international donor organizations, in particular as a UNESCO project for the purpose of operating such employment in those regions up to 50 percent."

Antoine, the provision of adequate housing advanced rank among the primitives that must provide with full services, that allowed large numbers of labour to informal activities as a way to cope with the burdens of life,

stressing that the process to correct the structural imbalances in the GDP increase and convert the mass of non-performing and consuming human society into productive forces contribute to relieve the general budget and reduce cause corruption."

Antoine said "concurrently with the development programme of international organizations in the field of professional development and as needed in those areas, the harness must be an important part of those programs to correct the lost work of strong professional skills, stressing the importance of speeding up this programme through coordination with international organizations, Committee on education and vocational training in the form of advisers, because it accelerates the process of reconstruction and secures the citizen in serious practical interest in this reconstruction process, hinting that the global trend today is to strive to give individuals Practical skills, pointing to the need for the country to vocational education is supposed to flip the equation of academic education by 80 percent and 20 percent, vocational education to the opposite meaning 80 percent vocational education and academic 20%, because the reconstruction process of the country required skills and competencies and skilled workers seeking country disrupt productive sectors for three decades.

The Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mehdi Monday, confirmed the relationship, the Government plans to give a promising role for the private sector in Iraq by activating the investment side in the next stage within sectors of the economy and reconstruction.

He said in a statement received relations (range) during the meeting, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Iraq Mr Mathias Walters, in his Office, that "Iraq is working hard to increase the pace of restoring stability and reconstruction of liberated cities through the initialization for the International Conference to be held in Kuwait early next year."

"Iraq needs to support all brotherly and friendly countries to make the Conference that the World Bank will have an active role in it."

And invited Dutch companies specializing in investment sectors, agriculture and industry to benefit from its experiences in Iraq.

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