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The future of the Iraqi economy in the digital age

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The future of the Iraqi economy in the digital age

Author:Mohamed Saleh appearance.
06/8/2017 12:00 am

The World Economic Forum at the dead sea during the Conference May 2017 under the theme towards future generations and enable discussions focused essentially on the theme of youth forces operating in the digital age or current fourth technological revolution.

The major companies operating on deficit phenomenon of younger workforce to bring high density technology as well as the inability of Governments in employment (particularly young American youth in about 6% of the total labour force) because the BIOS in the principle of small electronic government actors, so the opportunities to run a blog called ecosystem ECO system: any rapid bonding of all talented youth energies and entrepreneurial capacity backed balabetkart which engages with the digital age to form productive working incubators and drawing on that One, through a dynamic administrative behavioral phenomena (called a radical change like creative disruption) and is a mix between management and leadership capacity for innovation and talent to generate new products and new markets are ecosystem-based small and medium-sized enterprises the interrelationship Numerically.

The linkages between inputs and outputs small and medium enterprises engaged in mutual informational capabilities all come (like interactive force) to maximize production efficiency and the introduction of new products, new markets generating as stated. the role of the State will remain basically equipped infrastructure (physical and legal) and facilitate business and streamline procedures with emphasis on the principle of partnership and interaction between State and market.

Important economic theory issues were also raised in the digital market balance concept, for example taking Marshall Law of supply and demand (orients itself using gyroscopic pricing) a new concept in digital market balance.

The price represents a digital equivalent orients itself using gyroscopic demand with supply.

(Where the show here contain all problems including problems of infrastructure and government bureaucracy and others relegated to minimal optimization through simplification of procedures and transparency regulations).

Thus, the abstract ideas that came out of the ecosystem above operating system platform is a filmmaker and counteracting unemployment through new product density which facilitates growth that digital tools

And Informatics capabilities both in establishing business incubators uttshiid system for residential solar energy cost or lying or modern techniques in agriculture or using artificial intelligence, namely through the creation of small and medium-scale production units and interrelated work corporate digital information exchange base to form the optimal ecological gmiahaalnzam which will be a powerful force for basic operating for young manpower.

Note that the current circumstances in Iraq is in dire need of an effective step to assemble small and medium businesses leading to form the nucleus of an internal or international funding is available both from international funding agencies or Central Bank lending or other project to reach the digital age and its privileges to run youth labour potential and generate new products under soft base of information for each product pool, to name a few noticed that the Arab world is currently spent annually on translation more than 1.2 billion dollars and an opportunity to establish Translation units with modern tools a digital ecosystem component examples Many.

Thus we see the importance of the new digital age walk for Iraq and fundamental pillars:
First: start with a system of leading youth companies (SME, s) in various fields such as agriculture, construction and production branches of digital innovations exclusively by the relevant ministries such as coordination of higher education, youth and sports, labour and Social Affairs and planning as well as the World Bank and benefit from extensive experience.

And another: create ways to encourage the establishment of small companies for innovative products and create new national markets: the leaders of youth and institutionalize her synthesis system one works as an efficient information and data base, to the digital economy which means using the Internet to facilitate cross-community work and contractual services, with emphasis on the principle of availability of Justice (which make use of the Internet available to everyone without distinction or limited to specific community groups).

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