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The definition of money

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June 20, 2017

The definition of money

economists know money b any thing acceptable to the general acceptance of the state in order to obtain goods or economic services, or for the re-payment of debt, for example, when you say that the Dinar is cash, this is correct, or to say the thing is money.

And cash in the economic concept of two types : real money and discretionary, the money is real (Real Money) which is not a physical presence like the Lira of the Ottoman (Emir mounzer) which were nested in Syria and Iraq before the First World War, as well as pound English Golden shrimp, Indian Silver.

The critics estimated or census (Account Money) that have no physical presence but rather used as a unit to be settling up. such dialogue in the Arab States, and the US dollar in USA, pound English in England.

And the real turn is divided into two parts; the money is legal (Legal Money) and the help or a nominal (Token Money).

Is all you enjoy general acceptance, i.e. acceptance of all members of the community not as an intermediary in the exchange of goods and services, the money is a social tool not its history.

Critics and a social phenomenon, being an integral part of economic and commercial activity, which is inherently a social activity they do not enjoy as such only accept members of the community no, this acceptance that has been achieved through a long historical process, and thus be for its history, as created by everyone's desire to expand exchanges between them, her origins linked to the emergence of the economy of swap that assumes the division of labour surplus economy and private ownership of the means of production and supports the existence of increased specialization and division of labour with the development of economic activity.

Offers in the world different currencies of power (and by their popularity on the level of the world, not by physical high against other currencies) including the vulnerable.

Also vary the value of currencies between them, and is the Kuwaiti Dinar is the most expensive currency value at the current time. There is also currency-specific state or federal special support to the associations of the economic .

The history of currency

The development of currency through the ages and has several forms fats from the switch power and then the exchange of precious metals such as gold and silver, and finally paper currency currently in place, companies and other forms of paper currency, and is still in the development towards the use of modern methods in trade, such as electronic and other.

In the Book of (external analysis in the case and), where they sell his brand of economic well Najaf in the introduction to the book the nobility of the Civilization of the Mesopotamia in the banking institutions and external conflict since the beginning of the second millennium BC.

It seems the political importance of the Find on the sheet of clay dating back to the first year of the reign of hammurabi 2100.M.

And the first version history to the outside world has ever known, and this document is a About The had foreign issued by one of the centres of worship in the city will remain in the country of Babylon located on the Euphrates River, entitle the holder to receive, after the lapse of fifteen days in the city (ihama) the Assyrian on the Tigris River (8.5) of lead deposited at a priest show.

This is the example that's been four thousand years, is one of the many examples showing the degree of confidence possible with credit adopted by the population of Iraq, the Ancients in their external and in facilitating their Foreign Affairs, the march of their institutions banking the external analysis in that distant time, even before you discover the money the concept its modern.

I left Iraq with respect to the foreign currency inside and in foreign trade, namely money, gold, foreign or Ottoman, including new coins struck in the reign of the Ottoman Empire in the period between the years 1844 - 1917, and announced the definitions in their prices compared to the old coins from time to time, and thus put the Government of his pretty mess to deal currencies traded domestic and foreign.

Dinar is the first work of Islamic by aieee Malik Ibn marwan in the era of the Umayyad state.

Includes historical studies that China was the first country edition of the paper currency and in the reign of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), it was my first thought of the activity of paper currency had been born among the traders who move from country to country and their money is gold and silver with them were susceptible to loss and replacing it documents in writing evidencing the amount of their ownership was to represent the alternative paper the primitive of the coin (gold, silver) and the ability of the holder to pay the installer on the Board.

That was the paper, pay the merchant who bought from them the goods which, in turn, can be direct installed on this piece of paper from the person to the depositor when the money next the buyer then development of the use of these papers so you can pay to any seller or buyer is a trader to be the ultimate reference in the receivable is the centre of the depositor in the water.

Did not hit the money to Europe only in the XIV century, and looking forward to what looks like her present job only in the sixteenth century.

He was the first European Bank issued paper currency is the Bank of Stockholm in the year 1660 he failed in the year 1664 in fulfilling the payment of the value of all the issuing of banknotes in gold, declared bankruptcy in that year.

In the year 1669 he started the Bank of Scotland issue a paper currency, and still is even now -after more than 300 years - doing the job successfully, becoming the bank that issued the banknotes for the longest time without stopping.

In the year 1660 issued paper currency for the first time in America in Bay colony mascots (one of the 13 colonies that comprised America at that time), except that the paper currency was issued by banks, which led some to reject the receipt of currency issued by the banks do not trust him, it was some work of other undervalued for the same reason.

In the year 1776 (immediately after independence from Britain) the Central Bank began issuing money (the dollar), but these critics were not covered with gold (money bill) which did not encourage people to download it.

But the law passed by Congress was criminalizing everyone who does not accept the dollar as the currency as an enemy of the state.

I didn't use this confidence for long the costs of the war of independence forced the government to print currency dramatically causing inflation massive loss of the dollar resulted in the loss of its value, to be linked with gold and silver in the year 1789 by Alexander Hamilton.

Has this situation continued until 1860 when he forced the Civil War the US government printed large amounts of cash that are not covered by any of the bimetallic (gold or silver).

Has had work printed in that time she first gained the green color which is suspected by the US dollar currently.

Massive inflation made the United States government set the dollar's peg to the disabled in the year 1879.

Then re-unpack the profit temporarily in 1933 by President Franklin Roosevelt to address the effects of the Great Depression has live link from New in the year that followed, but significantly modifies the price of the dollar, as well as to prevent the American people from replacing the dollar with gold or silver (or even keep large amounts of gold or silver), it was entitled to foreign governments only replacing the dollar with any of the miners.

In 1971 President Nixon re-delinking the dollar to gold and stayed the dollar so far as well.

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