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In the presence of the relationship. The Council held a seminar talk on the work of the Central Bank.

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In the presence of the relationship. The Council held a seminar talk on the work of the Central Bank.

Since 2017-06-16 at 17:33 (Baghdad time)
Baghdad – the balance of news

Iraqi Council held a seminar talk in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank and economic figures for dialogue on the central action.

The Council said in a statement, the balance of news/, copy, "inviting breakfast followed by a Ramadan evening interactive economic open," indicating that where the Iraqi Central Bank Governor is hosted on optimized and advanced staff relations in Central Bank and Iraqi Commercial Bank Director Faisal alhims and Director General Rafidain khawla al-Asadi, who attended the private sector contractors to Union President óäçýí and luxury cooperative societies Union President Mohamed Tarek and several members of the Council plus the number of representatives of economic organizations".

And the evening was attended by the Government side:-

1. Ali Mohsen relationship – the Iraqi Central Bank Governor

2. Manzeralshikhli – Deputy Governor of the Central Bank

3. Khawla al-Asadi – General Manager of Rafidain

4. Faisal alhims – General Director of the Iraqi Trade Bank

5. Mahmoud dager – Director General financial operations in Central Bank

6. Waleed Idi – CBI consultant.

7. the apportionment in favour – Director of the Department of finance and the Central Bank's credit

8. Favor Mahood – General Director of Administrative Department

Also present were Deputy Attorney alaithaoi Rashid Al-yasseri, Yahya Council participated actively in Iraq this evening where everyone who attended:

1. Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi Messaoudi – head of Iraqi Council

2. Karim Al-yasiri – member of the Board of Directors and the Financial Secretary

3. RAID Rahmani – member of the Board of Directors and Administrative Secretary

4. Rafe Narrator – Board Member

5. Bakir machat – Board Member

6. Ibrahim hyoid – Vice President of ECOSOC Secretaries

7. thair alviliado trustee of the Council

8. Sadik machat – economic adawalmgls

9. Adel al-Musawi-economic adawalmgls

10. Attar rivulet — Economic Council Member

11. THAMER Abdulla Rohit-Economic Council Member

12. Khalid Al-Azzawi-Council Member

13. Qais Al-Wazzan-adomrkstnmih investment and reconstruction.

14. SAIF Adel mousawi. Member Council

15. Salman Al-Mussawi fair economic Council Member

He has been involved in this evening too many advanced cadres of some government institutions and economists and private sector leaders and symbols where he attended:

1. The óäçýí – President of the Union of Iraqi contractors

2. Khalil Wahab Iraqi albenihadomgls in Oman.

3 in the name of Hadi Hassan

4. Osman Ibrahim Khafaji

5. Ikram DED Director at alhiaehalotanih.

6. Mohamed Tarek cream/President of the Federation of cooperatives.

7. Fuad Iraqi bank General Manager associate agent.

8. Firas al-Hamdani Vice General Director of the Iraqi Trade Bank.

9. Us Iraqi bank General Manager associate Hamid carpentry.

10. Sahar-advanced Iraqi bank staff member.

11. Baz names financial expert.

13. Mr Hussein Abdul Latif.

14. Hussein Saleh karukh.

15. Ahmad Thamer Al shaikhli.

16. Thunder owner Imran.

He welcomed Al-Baghdadi, according to the statement, "the Central Bank Governor relationship Enhancer and advanced staff at the Central Bank and the bank managers Mesopotamia and the tbi."

Turning the relationship, according to the statement, "for many topics pertaining to the economic side, adding that discussions and submissions must be objective to reach the required target.

The statement added that "the experience of Lebanon despite the many parties on the Lebanese scene but there was agreement not to put up any subject for the Central Bank to his wealth of negative repercussions on the economic situation of the country."

And on the financial situation and because of lower oil revenues, "said the Treasury Department had a surplus of cash over the years before the financial crisis, but now is the provision by the Iraqi Central Bank revenues decreased by 70% from previous years before the collapse of world oil prices.

Al-Baghdadi said, "Fortunately for Iraq that occurred during the financial crisis, the current Central Bank administration, despite disagreement with the Central Bank not to raise interest to attract cash, subject to him mzadal pale as well as coverage of non-banks in the currency auction, we say we believe that the Government and its decreasing cash expenditure rationalization policy in kberadafah lladarhalershidh and bold initiatives for Central Bank loosened too much reflections and with the financial crisis that started in 2014."

Portentous shaikhali spoke, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank to "Central Bank of few institutions never made alihaalfsadaladari and prestigious institutions are working highly professional."

It showed that the relationship between the Central Bank and close to the Central Bank is the source of the flow of foreign currencies for the purpose of maintaining exchange rate stability but lately appeared several calls to keep Central Bank reserves of hard currency but those invitations lacks precision because if Central Bank stopped selling the Iraqi dinar will collapse."

With turning khawla Asadi General Manager of Rafidain "specifically to microfinance in Rafidain under Central Bank initiative where financial allocations for these loans, but no real applications"
over 92/9 p



Thank you ikea ! Sounds like they are laying their cards on the table for discussion. I hope someone slaps Ali Alak LOL

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