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: Financial sector management electronically end 2017

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: Financial sector management electronically end 2017

06/3/2017 at 12:00 am
Baghdad/Hussain thghb

A new phase began in the financial sector development by Iraq to adopt advanced system changed form financial transactions and entering cooperation with the largest global companies that have real trends in the country where you are banking technologies conference organized by the Iraqi private banks Association sponsored by the CBI,

And if this positive impact orientation to promote financial sector which is the focus of promoting economy through the real duties of products begin funding for major projects to achieve major cruise with numbers.

Director General financial operations in CBI. Mahmoud Mohamed said: this year will mark the last quarter financially savvy however is to link national switchboard banking sector makes all processes being managed electronically away from all forms of risk, as well as it makes it easier for citizens to facilitate electronic billing processes away from direct contact, pointing to the importance of the prior banking technologies conference held during the month of May and organized by the Iraqi private banks Association sponsored by the Central Bank, which will come with the best systems in the world.

Mohamed pointed out that the new system improves financial performance and promote the transition of the funds currently transferred in ways that cache and helps to pull money from the houses to the banking sector, noting major strides in accomplishing this project stages, pointing out that the citizen service outlets across these sophisticated systems will spread in the local markets.

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks on Gibraltar pointed out that the presence of international companies to Baghdad in particular and inform them of the realities of working life is a first gesture of its kind in Iraq, especially to companies Will be present in Baghdad Permanent to achieve the goal and attended by banking product development through adoption of advanced banking technologies adopted by the largest banks in the world.

He said in an interview for "morning" Previous conferences organized Out of Iraq and that did not benefit the sectors, where advanced technologies and companies but cannot stand over kodrthabalhador to Baghdad and the actual work, stressing that the Organization of the Conference in Baghdad makes us companies we indent position actually work in Baghdad and this facilitates evolutionary mission is going according to the Iraqi central bank supervision stages.

He pointed out that the largest bank technology companies in the world besides bankers and managers Commissioners help to strengthen cooperation and stimulate the banking sector to acquire the best systems and helps to create positive competition between banks and expansion of advanced products and thereby contribute to the development of work and make Bank offers services competing regional and international banks and their branches operating in Iraq.

Tariq said that the Association continues to implement training plan designed to enable the staff of public and private banks of advanced banking systems, assuring that the basis of promoting human resources development requires banking products which represent an axis the development of any economic sector.

The Forum comes after the efforts of Iraqi financial sector to advance in their work among the Iraqi Central Bank strategy and vision which aims to promote the sector and develop and integrate new technologies into their systems and benefit from successful experiences made by international companies in the application software and banking systems in many countries of the region as a means of connecting branches of banks and e-management in addition to electronic payment services via card or via mobile phone and thus facilitated and encouraged to make many customers benefiting from Development of technology to quickly deliver services to them.

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