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Plans to address economic problems based on sustainable development

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Plans to address economic problems based on sustainable development

27/11/2016 1:49 am
Baghdad/morning staff

Represents the agreement between decision makers and the private sector is positive and important milestone in addressing economic problems, where economic growth to go to communities to safety and stability and prosperity, this is confirmed by the final workshop programme for the dialogue between the private sector and policymakers.

The workshop attended by decision makers along with the private sector organized by the Confederation of businessmen and international projects Center floated quite frankly ways underdevelopment of democratic corruption balbir and legislative interchanges which regulate work in its entirety creates an environment suitable for attracting investments in all sectors.

Decision makers

Vice President of the Union of businessmen with a beautiful name Antoine turned workshop held in Sulaimaniya said: the presence of private sector offset by the presence of decision makers would create realistic solutions to the problems of the Iraqi economy, especially that of economic development are available and can be achieved in some sectors, if we organize the work, especially the agricultural and industrial sectors.

The workshop focused on banking and investment and agricultural sector as well as industry, construction and infrastructure, as she stood at the business and tourism sectors, pointing out that this workshop after the final six workshops held in six provinces to study the economic reality and the most important ways to address obstacles to economic growth, indicating that this workshop aims to channel funds toward benefit.

And international projects Center was examining ways of economic development and selectors faced in eight provinces over the years.

Strategic planning

Member of the House of Dr Mehdi Hafedh commended the role of the Centre for international projects and business association in determining economic problems and provide processors, indicating that this occurrence between the two sides helps compile and mobilization efforts to develop the sector and industrial and productive projects, were standing when weak capacity and uncover corruption and thinness of the infrastructure and the absence of strategic planning and poor implementation, as well as the low levels of oversight mechanisms.

He stressed the importance of developmental problems and achieve economic reform and national liberation of terrorism and eliminate corruption, promote national unity as well as diversification of national production.

Private agendas

The President of the Union of businessmen willing Reza blibel pointed out that the establishment of the workshop in this place come to unload all of the discussion of the most important ways of achieving development in a rich country like Iraq and stand when addressing mechanisms accurately after studying conditions of eight provinces and organize their own agendas and floated in front of decision makers, pointing to several meetings before this workshop in Baghdad on various developmental aspects.

International projects actress Mona zalzal said: business agendas programme which examines the economic reality and challenges in some provinces began in Kurdistan and we pointed out evolution in the governorates territory after overcoming some obstacles and we hope that the same evolution occurs throughout the provinces of Iraq, especially after rising calls for reform.

Real sector

Member of the House of Dr Magda Tamimi confirmed that stay on this approach in managing economic process leads us to retreat unless given a chance to the real sector, and drew necessary attention to decentralization and giving the private sector role in managing economic process, especially after leaving the farmer working his land and his factory.

She said her study found that the rate of the employee's work does not exceed half an hour, especially since staff salaries up to 47 trillion dinar budget pressure represent conversely yogdantag real sign that the private sector is the real sector should support him for work on sustainable development, at the time working in the House of representatives to amend some paragraphs.

Investment amounts

Forum member Majid addressing economic mock Baghdad banks and said that the convergence of banking and investment could recover only a particular share, pointing out that the Kurdistan region environment managed to attract 22 billion dollars for work and investment, either across the other Iraq areas did not exceed $3 billion investment sums, which we must work to create an attractive investment environment for capital and sophisticated businesses.

He noted that investment budgets after 2003 today nearly the 360 billion dollars but inflicting implementation methods prevented 6000 228 billion dollars project, pointing out that all Islamic banks including trading because the law allowed investment which requires reconsideration of article 28, specialized banks also switched its business to business and give high-interest loans.

In the name of Antoine moderated workshop and said that the Constitution assures that the wealth of the King, but people see the opposite where we have 6 million strong work in the private sector without leaving the private sector guarantees marginalized despite familiar all that without the private sector can build a real economy.

In accordance with the objectives

While the Director General of the Department of investments in the industry Ministry Abbas Nasrallah: that the private sector must take its role in economic development, noting the importance of doing the role of Industrial Bank and operate in accordance with the objectives established for it, noting that import and lack the central role of standardization and quality control has negatively affected the industrial reality.

Economic Affairs Specialist either Farouk Mostafa was marked in scarves and demanded a new phase by declaring in public and private institutions that do not exercise its role in supporting economic development enough references, but we need to stand firm before these institutions across Iraq including areas of the territory.

Develop a plan

Abdul Latif Rashid, a presidential adviser said: Iraq is rich and we have our problems and natural disasters can be exceeded, and here they must work out a plan to solve all the problems, which required addressing legislative regimes that do not fit the reality of the transformation of Iraq, indicating that some laws are not suited to stage and does not benefit the country, we must have laws to promote the oil industry.

Dr Mona al-Musawi indicated that Iraq is a country of blackness and we must encourage consumer protection laws and tariffs and this helps in the activation process productivity commensurate with the riches of Iraq stretching from end to end, required to adopt production of local investors in the ration card to encourage local industry.

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