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Iraqi cement in the world markets soon

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1Iraqi cement in the world markets soon Empty Iraqi cement in the world markets soon Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:32 am



Iraqi cement in the world markets soon

14/11/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb
proven local experiences that cooperation between the public and private sectors would bring significant economic feasibility of the country, where it can be through bypass most of the challenges of development, came the cement industry in Iraq to prove that local capacity is able to break the impossible that accompanies examine the achievement of development comprehensive industrial. Through the experience of cement and rising graph industry qualitative production , we find that the importer of the same article is looking for illegal crossing points to get into the local market and that is has become not a modicum.

Prime Cement Manufacturers Association in Iraq , Nasser Al Madani said that the cement industry in Iraq is growing gradually according to the plans , which are assigned to it by those in charge of the industry, public and private.
he said in an interview for the "morning" that the next few years will see the export of cement material out of Iraq, noting that our domestic production covers the Iraqi market needs of this article, and it's the best types of cement and manufactured according to international specifications. Civil stressed that the local factories have the capacity to produce 32 million tonnes per year and this amount covers the need of the local market, pointing to the existence of cement plants in progress and will add new volumes to the production capacity enjoyed by the country, indicating that the local factories is one of the best in the world and were created under the supervision of the world 's best experiences.

prevent the import
the cabinet decided earlier in preventing the importation of cement material to move the national production and supporting the industry that achieve significant economic feasibility of the country.
civil and pointed to the existence of 18 cement manufacturing plant belonging to the public sector and 8 plants belonging to the private sector card productivity is estimated at 32 million tons per year, pointing out that the private plants produce 60 percent of the local market need.

cement Association and Ndmt four conferences between Baghdad and Kurdistan , in the presence of senior government and private sector specialist in this industry has been overcome many challenges through the presence of sectors in these conferences , which resulted her particular the second conference founding cement manufacturers Association , which has taken on the responsibility of the local product to protect and expand the productive base.

civil pointed to the importance of protecting the domestic product of foreign diseases and mean foreign diseases shoddy species that do not carry the global quality specifications that the advantage of the local product, and that the decision to cabinet to prevent the import of cement did much of the industry and move the market significantly.

he said that the Council of Ministers stability of the decision to ban the import of cement stemmed from commitments shown by manufacturers of domestic cement to cover the domestic market of this article and not to raise prices, pointing to the need to prevent the entry of this Article of illegal crossing points to the local market because they adversely affect the industry and its vulnerability to stop and engage in new economic problems, stressing the importance of control of the unofficial ports in Sulaimaniya , which passes through a large amount of cement.

successful experience in
turn , vice economic prime Baghdad forum spokesman Antoine said that the revival of the national economy begins to activate the productive sectors and in the industrial forefront, pointing out that the success of the cement industry experience is a vivid example of the possibility of achieving economic advancement in Iraq if accompanied by a genuine will of aiming to build a sound and healthy economy.

He stressed the need to protect the success of the industry cement through the adoption of local cement and prevent the exceptions being given to some quarters to import quantities from other markets outside the country, indicating that the activation of the industry has led to moving the capital cycle effectively inside Iraq and that the completion of the national economy and preserve the currency as part of Mhali.antoan noted that the organization of the last cement manufacturers conference in Kurdistan comes to prevent the work of unofficial ports that allow the entry of amounts of cement significantly negative impact on the domestic industry, the conference also showed the importance of this industry for the province in the event of a more expanded.

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