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Iraq confirms its efforts to join the World Trade Organization

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Iraq confirms its efforts to join the World Trade Organization

By the associated press 15 hours ago

Jumaili during the opening ceremony of the Baghdad international exhibition

Associated press-Erbil

The Iraqi Trade Minister, Salman Al-jumaili, "Tuesday, he sought to join the World Trade Organization, to strengthen and diversify the country's exports and providing incentives and facilities.

Jumaili said in a speech today at the opening ceremony of the Baghdad international fair, in Baghdad, said his country is determined to obtain WTO membership, seeking international companies contribute to the reconstruction of the liberated areas of organizing "ISIS", to stimulate the economy.

Iraq obtained observer status in the WTO in 2004, but did not manage to get full membership, which qualifies him to take advantage of the special accession in cross-border trade.

He said the parliamentary Economic Committee member Jawad Al-bulani, in a press statement that "the Iraqi Government for years to develop the industrial sector by granting loans for different projects, after application of the customs tariff (next year), will continue its stakeholders for Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization as a full member."

He continued: "enter the organization requires activation of the industrial base, because the State which suffer local products compete in the market, because the markets will be open to the flow of goods from countries of the Organization".

According to data published on the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry is leading a project to carry out a package of measures relating to create suitable conditions for the investment environment, rationalizing subsidies policy, adding to the series of reforms to the rules and procedures for taxes and fees.

The Minister opened the day Baghdad international fair, in the 43rd session in the presence of a number of officials and Ministers, with the participation of 12 countries 400 industrial and agricultural sectors represent the company and brand communications technology, representing different nationalities, according to the Commerce Department.



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Thank you ikea !! Lets add this is from the Minister of Commerce site :


Trade: forked work of the ministry of economic, commercial and service sectors and the ration card part of it

Ministry of Commerce announced that her work is not limited to the processing of the ration card items, as some believe, it is a large and complex work associated with economic sectors and the experiences and services directly affecting, through multiple subsidiaries control over imports and the statement of the need for Iraq and the development of the private sector and the role of corporations in the domestic market stability by offering products at competitive prices and interact with the Iraqi citizen requirements
A statement by the Information Office of the Ministry that the Ministry of Commerce, "oversees the development of economic relations through joint agreements file and memorandums of understanding with most of the countries in the world have achieved so sophisticated pointing, as it continues to join the World Trade Organization wot dialogue."

The ministry said in a statement that it "managed many of the outstanding issues and resolve the issue of laws through parliament and the Iraqi government."

The statement also said that "the ministry manages the development of the Iraqi private sector file through sticky real partnerships with foreign and increase the expertise of investment as well as a road map to take into consideration the case with the world developments and economic development enormous constitute the private sector a priority in them."

He pointed out that "special department is working to manage this vital file", moving on to say that "while the ministry supervises the subject of registration of domestic and foreign companies through the Registrar of Companies, which tracks the registration process and compliance with the regulations and scrutiny financially and Qanuya."

The statement noted that "there is, among other activities related to the nature of the work of the ministry, notably Maigdm of services to the citizens on the subject of car companies, construction and the role of these companies in the stability of the domestic market prices through Maatrah of product at competitive prices as well as offers from the efforts of the Iraqi opposition, which works to attract companies and countries to invest and look at investment projects in the country through specialized exhibitions held in Baghdad and the provinces. "

"The company is also working in the control of imports and the statement of the country's needs, including through direct supervision of the import plan in the various disciplines."

He ministry's statement to the most important duty, which provided food companies in the "provision of food vocabulary and equip citizens in all regions of the country" and among "This great project needs to be human and material potential enormous," he pointed out that that file "to right the damage due to the financial crisis and the lack of allocations the budget, especially in the last two years for the ration card. "

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