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Iraq boosts global financial position

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Iraq boosts global financial position

03/10/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad Hussein's PM Chai thghb

Iraq's transition to the whitelist financially by the most important international group to monitor the movement of funds reinforces his stature internationally,

and imposes new responsibilities on financial institutions specialized in regard to maintain this achievement by adopting better ways to control and develop expertise in this area

Iraqi Central Bank Governor Dr Ali Mohsen relationship back in his talk of «morning» Iraq gray menu output white step that put the country into confidence from external parties and open in front of different economic niches that put the country in the grey menu blocking in front of him most of the ports, as is the case with neighboring Iran.

He added in his relations to «morning» the recent meeting outcome achievements calculated to the country after a series of procedures and requirements where out of the framework conditions precedent and will report to the Board of Directors to qualify for this important website.

The financial action group «fatf», which is the highest international group drove out Iraq gray menu after white followed up the movement of funds.

Best mattresses

Noted Economist Dr Ahmad abrihi that Iraq, as represented by the Government and the Central Bank has succeeded in combating money laundering and set up much better than the previous arrangements.

Abrihi said in a brief interview that the country's transition to a better calendar means that serious and sincere in reaching a better mattresses out of danger.

Protecting gains

While economic forum member Baghdad, Amer Al-jawahiri: leaked notes the intention of the financial working group, which is the highest international group to monitor the movement of funds globally to eject Iraq from gray to white list menu in the light of the number of Iraqi Central Bank action.

The time when this group is based on a number of actions taken by the Central Bank of Iraq, but have directed the Central Bank to take all steps to keep those gains and to promote actions that will ensure the rule of the principles of corporate governance and disclosure and transparency of all financial transactions and banks.

He knows all the flashy imbalance in capacity and credit operations to the Iraqi Government and private banks and problems afflicting a number of private banks and the reflection of that credit labour standards thus on business environment in Iraq of international scope while seeking Iraq to promote and attract foreign investment to offset declines in government financial capacity to implement projects and work.

Sophisticated experiences

The Executive Director of the Association of private Iraqi banks on Gibraltar has pointed out that the Association supports this step and establish them in cooperation with the Central Bank by setting up a unit to combat money laundering in all banks
He noted that the Association organized specialized courses for Bank staff to provide them with expertise and skills developed and adopted at the best global banks after contracting global company, where the past period witnessed out 40 local expertise specialized in money laundering are distributed among a number of Iraqi banks, which in turn prevents any frauds so be prepared to stay in the white list and maintain our seat.

He stressed that efforts to create a banking competencies AML units are active and have a big role in the oversight process that leads to creating a sophisticated Bank enjoys the confidence of local and international recipients.

Redoubled efforts

Economic Affairs Specialist Hasan Ali Abdul Karim said that Iraq needed to strengthen the confidence of the international financial and banking sector in particular, discreet

Stating that it helps achieve the highest economic viability of Iraq which is in desperate need of international financial institutions that can invest its money in Iraq.

Iraq's presence in the white list by rating International Foundation reflects a positive image to move funds within Iraq and there are policies governing this movement and continue from inside and outside the country, indicating the importance of the Central Bank's efforts to maintain the positive image which looked bright before the international community moves Finance.

He pointed out that international institutions aware of the importance of Iraq on the international economy for the wealth of investment opportunities, where watching such institutions through legal departments that possess highly qualified work experience and how organized and streamlined Governing laws Money?.

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Thank you ikea, great article !!

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