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Corruption and lack of transparency raises concern of donor countries for Iraq Economic Affairs.

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Corruption and lack of transparency raises concern of donor countries for Iraq
Economic Affairs.

July 23rd, 2016

Demands of the application of financial administration Act

Baghdad: new morning:

Former Finance Ministry Undersecretary ruled out Kamal Basri, the Iraqi Government's ability to convince donor nations need to manage projects of reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist aggression of ISIS herself, as the reality of Iraq indicates lack of concern and caring.

He said, "poor index transparency in Iraq makes it difficult for officials to stand, since the money collected will be spent as a monthly income taxes for the citizens of donor countries, and these do not agree that these Governments spend money on Dole lacked transparency.

He added that "such a thing has its repercussions, as the Iraqi Government's failure to implement reconstruction projects, Sims rule of Iraq, but the IMF conditioned to lend Iraq enjoy a transparent financial policy».

He explained that the lack of transparency has led to inefficient use of public money and the weakest Government accomplishment, as the widening gap between citizens and Government and lack of transparency push citizens to state corruption suspects Street, and her absence opened the door for malicious or non-malicious mischief calls».

He continued: «consequently unable to initiate reform because people were complaining about the credibility of the proposed reform project, twice the enthusiasm of employees of Government organs and seriousness.

And about the persistence of this situation as a cultural practice must be citizens and civil society organizations filed a Federal Court about the non-application of the Financial Administration Act.

Optic drew that «the absence of transparent government budget is contrary to the spirit of the Constitution which stipulates that oil, any public money, property of citizens.

Despite Iraq's pledges transparency international, universities and research centres and civil society organizations take advantage of the budget in the form of rolling in the studies on economic reform or economic feasibility of financial allocations calendar».

In an interview carried by the «international life», «down low federal budget transparency index, along with a high index of corruption and failure of business indicators, would deprive Iraq of the staid corporate investment opportunities, what would hinder technology transfer and introduction of advanced management practice».

In order to raise the transparency index, suggested the Finance Ministry published «Visual documents and financial data on its website, including a report on budget strategy, which includes economic and financial policy objectives of the Government, the revenue and expenditure projections and shows the deficit or surplus and religion for everyone to be aware of the priorities of government spending and potential available.

This report must be published at least one month before the date of submission of the draft budget, in addition to the proposed budget report to Cabinet that demonstrates financial allocations and their justification in accordance with the budget strategy, as well as budget report after its approval by the House of representatives, which illustrates the customizations and changes in them and their justification, and must contain details of the projects and economic viability.

He stressed the importance of promoting citizen's budget report ", which includes the approved budget posed in a manner accessible to citizens in order to clarify how the general revenues were distributed The doors of public spending, and what is the expected impact in the lives of citizens.

As well as the monthly report which describes the progress made in implementing the budget, and report which provides a comprehensive idea about the implementation of the current budget, compared with performance in the previous two years, and must be issued within 6 weeks from the end of the first half of the fiscal year.

Optic said that "the information provided by these reports provide a detailed picture of ways to dispose of public money in that narrow gap distractions and malicious accusations".

An important meeting of donor countries to be held in Washington on 20 being sponsored by the United Nations, involving the United States and several European countries, with the aim of providing the necessary amounts of baseline needs and requirements of reconstruction in Anbar province and the liberated areas.

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