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Relationship: unfair arrears interest

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1Relationship: unfair arrears interest Empty Relationship: unfair arrears interest Mon Jul 04, 2016 1:38 am




Relationship: unfair arrears interest

04/7/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad – Hussein thghb Al-Tamimi

Examining a number of economic affairs specialists in the public and private ways to the advancement of the national economy through swift action to real action towards a multiplicity of economic resources and the national economy despotism characteristic dimensions which accompanies it for decades.

Iraqi Council Chief Ibrahim bagdadi browse through seminar held by its main activities and then stop when you see the Board on a multiplicity of financial resources of the State in which the need for collective action to activate local industrial and agricultural production, as well as seeing the Board that activate the genuine partnership with the private sector and accelerate the privatization process which everyone afraid to talk, there must be the will of the Government and representative and courageous decisions to convert and sell the plants and factories to losing Government to the private sector to be a winning institutions contribute to supplement product And national output.

Baghdadi said: the other axis for multiple resources is tax reform which is one of the most important mechanisms that if that she carry out and repaired it will contribute effectively to support and stimulate the Iraqi economy because banks like the blood that runs in all veins of the body as well as the need to reduce interest on loans and banking facilities.

Dr Adel Abdul-Mahdi spoke at the Symposium, saying: to be dazzling task in the national labour market, an alert to the importance of the private sector, which has seen NEDA, not belonging to the public sector, and on the role of banks in revitalizing the economy and leading role in development, reflecting the importance of educating and encouraging the process of saving and restoring even simple interest loan and that the State has assumed a part of these benefits to stimulate certain sectors and must give the role of the private sector and deal with him as a partner in economic construction.

Either Dr on Central Bank Governor relations addressed the CBI's role in the economy moving and creating the financial and economic balance and Government bond theme,

pointing out that interest which was given to the Government's arrears was unfair and had to be useful within 12 percent but the Government gave only 5% in the case of discount bonds for converted into cash at banks the bondholder will lose 5% only.

Turning to the 92% of the balance is from oil revenues and 8% from the rest of other local resources and sustainable economic balance dictates that there be a balance between revenue and income in this case, only 8 percent is sustainable resources.

Economist Alaa metallic ribs is commended the private sector's direct discussions with representatives of the Government and its role in creating effective treatments for most of the problems that bedevil the labour market in Iraq, especially since all parties believe that the role of the private sector in managing the Iraqi economy and has the biggest task in the management of all production and service joints.

He pointed out that the private sector has keys to economic development and needs cooperation with government agencies to move in the direction that achieves the economic feasibility of cross country provides the perfect environment to work away from the complexity and bureaucracy, which accounts for his efforts.

Deputy Captain Abdul Karim, speaking about the need to support the private sector has an important role in moving the production and promotion of her joints in all production and service areas, particularly that Iraq possesses components of economic advancement President and didn't like him in natural resources and human capital which can be employed to achieve the objectives of sustainable development.

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