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Biden: I didn't ask Iraq and Federal Division is resolved and Abadi supported

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Biden: I didn't ask Iraq and Federal Division is resolved and Abadi supported

Since 2016-06-23 at 21:26 (Baghdad time)
Pursue balance news

Us Vice President Joe Biden, in an interview, he never asked split Iraq, expressing his belief that the FBI is the solution, and that Abadi supported it.

Biden, speaking in an interview with Charlie Ross from CBS about the war against Iraq and the problems in ISIS and Syria.

And about the Division of Iraq, Biden said "you with turning Iraq into a federal system of three regions: Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish, becoming the capital of Baghdad for all foreign policy and management of the State border, as well as each province has its own police, as we have in California and elsewhere, because the Kurds are unwilling to accept the Shiite power, and vice versa."

Us Vice President denied support for dividing Iraq and stressed that it was always the Federal with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, the same opinion.

Coinciding with the battle of Fallujah and restore the city, Mosul has become one of the hot topics now, Obama's Envoy said the international coalition against the Islamic State, Brett makghork, "important" meeting in Arbil between the United States and Kurdistan and Baghdad regarding the restoration of Mosul last week.

Biden said on the restoration process, "there are two important points in the process, the first is the International Alliance that we should come together and help, for example that we do not leave Fallujah after destructive restore, in order not to originate a terrorist group again, the second point is that Iraqis must agree among themselves, and help them to perform the operation, and to this end I am in touch with President Barzani and Baghdad."

Many observers believed that the US President, Barack Obama, does not want to trigger connector, in the last days of his mandate, and he wants to leave the problem to his successor.

But the Vice President says that this battle rests on the Iraqis themselves, "you can launch a process, our generals are now working closely to find an agreement for the recovery of villages and roads South of Mosul, the process then, it all depends on how far the Iraqis are ready to help each other."

He asked Charlie Ross, Vice President if the Islamic State to be enable us forces will stay in Iraq? In response, Biden said "we tried so hard to keep some 5 000 to 7 000 us troops as trainers in Iraq to work with the Iraqi army, helping 100 thousand Iraqi soldiers, but anyone in the Iraqi Government and some of them who were in favour of survival like Barzani walkord, were not prepared to go to Parliament to legislate a law to ensure legal immunity for our soldiers, so we're in America, weren't prepared to leave our soldiers in Iraq without obtaining such immunity.

Washington is leading an international coalition two years ago featuring 60 countries to meet in Syria and Saudi Arabia Iraq, coalition air raids continued against the Organization on a daily basis, but the consensus in Washington about the ability of the Organization after all those raids.

U.s. intelligence Chief, Joe Brennan, weekend congressional hearing over pain, "after two years of terrorist raids, ISIS still wants to send suicide bombers into America and Europe, spending is still strong," Biden said about it, "Saba cannot now progress and occupy territory as before, what is now the Islamic State to form groups of 17 andara or 4 elements, finding the bombers versus 3.4 million dollars, to send them to countries like America and European countries.

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