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The full text of the speech delivered by the President of the House of Representatives, Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, during the National Conference for the Protection of peaceful coexistence and the prohibition of hate and fight against extremism and terrorism

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The full text of the speech delivered by the President of the House of Representatives, Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, during the National Conference for the Protection of peaceful coexistence and the prohibition of hate and fight against extremism and terrorism
February 7, 2016

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
Allow me to begin to greet your conference decent this and I congratulate the sincere efforts of the bright minds that contributed to its preparation and persevered on mature themes in order to please God Almighty and elevate the level of historical responsibility that requires every individual in the Iraqi society, advancement to ward off germ band spacing and hatred on sectarian backgrounds false.
That which does not differ by Rashidan that the sectarian strife that nearly rocking the peace community of our people and the disruption of his unit, one of the phenomena of hybrid exotic being of our people, did not testify at any stage of the modern state that Tnabz out, or persisted in his behavior, or defined social system, or Atherit in its composition, or Bagdt, one on another, but, after 2003, and because of Moadat internal each and some are external, almost to deviate our people for unity, not for Frasth edged and awareness Almkan, tore some Sahaivha and still he has to remove the remainder of the Bthorha to regain He recovered and cast and unity of Iraq regains full and leading role in the region and the world.
It came Islam and one is a multi, and will remain one is multi strongly faith believers message of divine and one human Tsamehah comprehensive full college indispensable to mankind than in the establishment of a world of justice and brotherhood, equality and solidarity, and not in Islam, the sacred text and the message of Muhammadiyah honest, confessional than any kind, and deliberately counterfeiters Islamic history to tuck fanaticism and extremism that Asthala terrorism brutal and bloody tendencies, and the conversion to Islam of a divine message to the events and the facts personalistic adult Fakes in imparted hatred and hatred in-board, they did not distort Islam has saved Hafiz Hafeez to the day of Resurrection, but distorted history sapiens insightful not find any trouble in debunking some of his notes and lying.
I want to stir up sectarian strife that was the most important consequences of terrorism, pitting Iraqis to each other, so that the other lurking greedy that tampering with their homeland and plunder their wealth and converts them to Statoil Mtnahr weak scrawny take the wind whenever you want and wherever marketed by storms, seeking.
When we address this today and through this holy Conference and the efforts of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs Parliamentary these elites virtuous sectarianism and extremism and terrorism, for he address to defend our existence and our future generations and the nation chosen by Bari Almighty cradle of prophecies and messages and fount of civilization and civilian first.
That is why we must and we see that ijtihad in Islam is a source of wealth has not weaken the source and that the difference in the nation of Muhammad's mercy and grace for the enlightenment and development and innovation, not to limit ourselves to calling for the prohibition of blood Muslim and non-Muslim and the prohibition of the Nile from the beliefs and rituals, and the prohibition of discrimination among Iraqis of all religions and ethnicities and sects, but to go to the legalization of the death of both shed blood that God has forbidden it violates the Iraqi House and the University of the mosque and the church and house of worship and his alma mater and place of work, and all those who wish to spread sectarian discord and terror and hatred and hatred poisons, and that does not take us mercy or the intercession of those who wants to It makes the remnants of our people and tedious jostling with each other, while the whole world seeks unity to ensure progress and prosperity, strength and greatness.
That is why I invite you Sisters and Brothers, that ye from your recommendations are legal provisions have taught us experience intentions that the good is not enough to ward off the dangers and disadvantages, and that the law alone is the one who will remove all our people Gashiyat sectarianism and extremism, terrorism and arms outside the state's authority and law.
The civil peace, who And you wanted to put some founded in the conference will only be achieved legal basket resolute decisive based on the principle of peaceful coexistence substance have social needs that emerged from the experience a framework for characterization and processing, Vaamiloa on this, bless you, living and subsisting and hit your path and Ovqkm.
Say work soon will Allah observe your work and His Messenger and the believers
Great truth of God
Peace, mercy and blessings of God

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