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CBI ANNOUNCEMENT (Document internal audit)

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****************THIS IS AN EXTRACTED TEXT FROM PDF'S.. IT WILL NOT BE 100%*********************

Paper audit parents J e
an introduction ,
This document aims mainly bank to identify and define the goals and mission and scope of the audit cell function
Internal and powers and Mshlhath in the Iraqi Central Broadcasting.
1.ahoudalaafdhasudaa b
Internal Audit is an independent and objective activity, provides confirmation services and consulting aimed Tmat
Add the value of the institution and improve its 0 this activity helps Z Nntehg goals of the institution
By following the style of AC regulator to assess the effectiveness of operations and Qsn risk management and control
And Alihutnh 0
2 Mahdav audit parents p n
To assist the Board of Directors and a degradation in reassuring conservatives and make sure will
Miss achieve the goals of the Iraqi Central Broadcasting efficiently and effectively a
Barr efficiency and effectiveness of internal control Atouat impregnable to achieve the targets at all levels
Administrative Bank 0
Red commitment to the application of laws and regulations, instructions and policies adopted and the relevant window
Pat and acts Bank 0
Mi main Gahl of all administrative units Henk efficient and effective risk management work 0
Marie and the presence of the process of improving calories to cut Qql best practices within the administrative units in
The veteran s
30 important message b}
Provide objective and independent evaluation of all the Bank's operations aimed add value and efficiency twig
Wada operations (risk and internal control systems in place to achieve the goals of the main objective broadcasting
Internal Audit is the examination and evaluation of the adequacy and efficiency and effectiveness of operations management and risk control
And governance «for the rational management of the bank {s In addition, the targets include internal Altdqkh
Provide recommendations and advice to improve 0 WHO's internal control and risk management.
(S 6)
4 0 scope of work and the field audit parents p.
For the purpose of carrying out its mission and achieve its objectives, the scope of work and the field of internal audit involves performing tasks
The following,
Maha God help the management to ensure the achievement of its goals and effectiveness of all Hecvaeh
By name
As the review and to recommend to the Council of the evidence about the procedures and management practices
Risk is an appropriate and ensure effective supervision of folding these measures constitute Nqgiv
C Msdar
Dias countries to conduct auditing departments of broadcasting and operations to ensure the proper laws of a painful
Relevant central Iraqi broadcasting and the decisions of the Board of Directors s
N 0 yen periodic review of the financial statements for broadcast and documents related to the Pia
Tuck the preparation and submission of reports and recommendations to the pure administration as appropriate and on
Least once quarterly, on the audited financial lists and population-lattes accounting,
Parallel, procedures and actions Diamond and risk management, and any other controls inside
Central Bank of Iraq and the efficiency of Wafa. Costs under which the central bank works
Iraqi and any other Moads Dsn competence and Qtaq Mmcolyate which asks Council
Primarily to provide evidence report.
Hmalgaham such other functions as may be required by the Board of Directors of Internal Audit condition that
To oppose those tasks with the primary mission contained in this document s
-And specifically the Djaha events and departments and offices of the bank are subject to the assessment of internal audit
Independent. Therefore, internal auditors and audit manager does not allow them to carry out tasks and duties
Operational for Henk Khara your internal audit 0
Zs Tksehg Alkhaan confirmed in the work of auditors to achieve Nngthh Mmashh and fruitful cooperation late.
The duplication and Anakatah s

They validity,
Mastermind of Internal Audit and his staff are entitled to, including Lehigh b
Over the limited access to the best works of the directorates, departments and offices, events and documents right
And records, information and Alhalat and brightest. The amount of people that perform the task of Ttq
Audit s
Maha determine the scope and Ztaq work and apply the techniques required to achieve the objectives of the audit's
Ka get help from experts and Almkhqdahn from inside and outside the bank.
Barr folding h 0 Aha officials and employees of the bank to cooperate with auditors in the performance of tasks
An audit of the business districts of Mokha and broadcast them to put at their disposal all documents
And records they require and Hermhon to see Thaa and Hasroa checks
And to whether the gambler did not Moktqo with money the bank or its requirements.
1 b Almswolhh
Be the mastermind of the internal audit Msuula all,
Submission of the annual internal audit plan Halchaorwasehg with this audit and senior management
Nqgiv Altngahq plan in addition to any special tasks assigned by Gahly to audit or Jzh
Council Aladarhwalahafezah 0
Prepare a workforce of auditors who have the knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications
Professional required to achieve the requirements of this document.
Flags These audits trends and developments in the practice of internal audit recommendations and criticism
Harahah close scrutiny and evidence of internal audit
Help Z Bfagliat investigations of fraud. Doubtful important Jzh audit
And Ida (s Supreme Haleghanh
Make sure that the section applies 0 thalamic and good internal audit best practices and standards
International issued by the relevant professional institutes 0
Maintaining all the documents obtained by the internal auditors Langat purification
Bakks way that Ak- Alazzmh preserved in accordance with the instructions and handle all documents
Which examine them fully p secrecy
Ba j 6)
70 Almhlih and take care of the process required n
Mastermind and members of the Audit Department are responsible for,
Barr sell instructions and specified routes evidenced by the internal audit s
Over the roughest effort and time required to make care contract to do tasks checking 0
Ke work objectively and impartially wa »production rules of professional conduct issued by God and Almqzat
Relevant to the task 0
The righteousness of the internal audit process to Ataqi Rthusa departments and directors of departments in the maintenance of Msuulyatem
And better control its divisions and Duanarham Bethlehem
Taha. I inflicted Raaaoaqthbhellbamat
Internal audit manager, when you do Msuula duties will be in front of us Jzh audit
Mai assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the Bank's operations to control and oversight of its activities and Lada (the risks are
Yolk and report on important issues related to these operations with the recommendations of the Tsgaha 0
Barr provide information on the extent Nqqiv and the results of the annual audit Henkel quarterly 0

AA. Independence,
Maha to ensure the independence of internal audit for the rest of the sections and departments thy God, the staff investigation is
Internal linked to the director of internal audit, which is linked to the role of administrative Arans Alzagafhhy
Supreme (conservative) and Ozavha Hlhh audit
Barr Garnet internal management will be independent of convictions under. Extended as well as from operations
Daily internal controls 0
Over the internal audit department and its duties according to the Ahadaratha in all departments and sections Bank 0
Over the diuretic internal audit be authorized to connect to Ahashro and Hahadrth with the Board of Directors and members of the
Bethlehem 0 of these Aldtnqz
(4 x 6)
. A 0 Alastmtih and set w
Barr is a permanent internal audit function in Bey.
The Ada Marie (internal Alnyqiq to do its job and impartial Eduard 0
Over the set and impartiality Guentaly that Lada (internal audit itself was investigating avoid any conflict
In the interests of and on this basis, the tasks employees must be covered by international recycling
S appointed auditors from other departments to Ehgk Ivhga do not audited events
Previous thrown their constituencies where they were before Szthn and not thrown scrutinize operations cost Qaht
Barr Clinical require condemnation, but the internal audit is the contribution in the activities of God, test or
Nagafiv Mhitt internal union with the orbit of p can to manage the internal audit to make recommendations
To strengthen internal well-being and provide an opinion on issues related to extended internal procedures welfare
Order a sense of senior management 0
A follow-up anxiety and R b
Barr issuing periodic reports in a timely manner to soft proofing and a summary of the Board of Directors
Zqanm entrusted the internal audit 0
Miss follow-up reports to the directorates and Tqgiv agreed recommendations reports that Azq
The report of the audit director or the governor and the district to pronounce itself on the recommendations
Contained in the report within thirty days of the date hereof or Bagheri as possible 0
2 0 Mthrat a performance b
Over one of the most Mhoshrat performance erythrasma 0 Ahh the internal audit department is the degree and level of learning and improvement
Continuous understanding of the achievement of the best. Results for Z targets all departments of the Bank and its divisions 0
In order to prepare efficient plans for audit on the basis of risk and performance reports and audit in time
Fitting 0
MRA number of requests received for the management of the internal audit to carry out studies and consultations Haed p
The number of recommendations from saving Gahl departments and other departments of the Bank s
Important Nqang teeth on the work of the audit of Ntrhain audit of departments and other Qassam (HMO
the average )
AHAs 6)
3 0 Dsan a quality b
Ifaga that the internal audit department independent review by subject matter ask this 0
Auditing can be of Gahly auditors Khalaken or BSA nor that of Aaza
Daschle creation of the Department of Administration of Sun quality in accordance with international standards in force.




Thanks for this emmaduke , great work ! Looks like they are moving forward quickly. Here are the sections of the IMF Agreement that have to do with the audit :

The government will not resort to the accumulation of arrears to finance the deficit. It
commits to a zero ceiling on external arrears (continuous quantitative target, Table 1) and regular inventories of domestic arrears with a view to ensuring that new arrears do not accumulate and to paying them down after proper audit, as will be done for the existing stock of domestic arrears


Survey, audit and pay domestic arrears. As a first step, the Ministry of Planning will complete,
by end-February 2016, a survey of domestic arrears on investment spending accumulated by
all ministries as of end-September 2015 (structural benchmark, Table 2) and the Ministry of Finance will complete a survey, also by end-February, on current spending arrears
accumulated by the same units as of end-September; in addition, similar surveys of arrears as of end-December 2015 by end-March 2016, and as of end-March 2016 by end-May 2016 will be completed. On the basis of each of these surveys, the government will prepare plans for
the orderly payment of the arrears, which will include an independent audit of the arrears
and a repayment schedule in line with the government’s financing capacity. As of end-April 2015, the government identified ID 7.3 trillion in domestic arrears, out of which ID 5 trillion accumulated in 2015 (¶13); the Board of Supreme Audit will audit these arrears to check their validity by end-February 2016. So far, the government has included ID 2.4 trillion for the repayment of domestic arrears in its revised 2016 budget (¶25).


As a first step to restructure these banks, the Ministry of Finance will, by end February 2016, appoint international auditors to audit the latest financial statements of Rasheed Bank and Rafidain Bank according to international standards (structural benchmark, Table 2), in cooperation with the Executive Committee for the restructuring of these banks and the World Bank.


Appointment of one or several international auditors to audit the latest financial
statements of Rasheed Bank and Rafidain Bank according to international standard

Lifes purpose is not to arrive at the grave in a well preserved body, but rather to slide in sideways shouting HOLY CHIT what a ride



This may be related Wink lil blast from last March posted by Bondlady

Zebari discuss with Ernst & Young, the company improve the banking system
March 4, 2015 21:46
(Independent) .. Search Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Thursday evening, with a representative of Ernst Young (EY) accounting and advisory services Ahmed judge and a number of the company's experts how to improve the banking system in Iraq, according to international standards.

They also discussed ways to settle the Iraqi debt in light of the procedures of the Paris Club, as well as increase the efficiency of the banking system in Iraq contact with major international financial institutions. (End)


Lifes purpose is not to arrive at the grave in a well preserved body, but rather to slide in sideways shouting HOLY CHIT what a ride

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