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Allawi confirms that Iraq will not withdraw from the political process

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Editor: HAH | SZ Monday, 2006 حزيران 2011 12:24 GMT

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

The leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, on Monday, that his coalition had no intention to withdraw from the political process because of the conviction to the principles of democracy and peaceful transfer of power, pointing to the need for collective action to build a state away from the quotas, while calling to override the contract and the trend towards a true partnership.

Iyad Allawi said in a statement released today, and received "Alsumaria News," that there was "talk of the possible withdrawal of the Iraqi political process, and this has no validity at all," asserting that Iraq "will not withdraw from the political process because it is that started this process when laid the first experiment in building democracy through the achievement of the first free and fair elections. "

The leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi threatened on the 27 of last May to take a great of the political process in the event of non-implementation of the nine themes of the Convention on the Iraqi Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, stressing that the list will determine the time limit to apply the terms of the agreement.

Allawi added that "Iraq is working with other forces in order to reach a bright future through the achievement of the task of building the state and its institutions, which is based on professionalism, integrity and efficiency and brothers full of all Iraqis in the country," noting that "the Iraqi List, has exercised transparently and is convinced the concept of peaceful transfer of power , and begin implementation of national reconciliation and the rebuilding of the state and its institutions on a professional basis away from the sectarian political, regional, and establishing mechanisms to ensure the safety of Iraq and the region. "

He said Allawi, that "out of conviction, the seriousness of the phase of the Iraq and the region generally and in respect for our people and will in the lives of free and dignified fallen Iraqi electoral maturity and democratic and constitutional for a government of national partnership and a real pass the transitional period where we are until we get to the Democratic prompt."

The Allawi that "convinced the Iraqi remain the same on the subject of full partnership and the need to work as a team and a single, integrated with all parties without exception to the happiness of our people and so we have made him what we should submit a benefit normal people have a decent and who gave great sacrifices for freedom and dignity. "

The leader of the Iraqi List "to get beyond the contract and complexities, and the development of genuine partnership and spirit to achieve and implement what was agreed upon the initiative of Barzani, in honor of our people and to ensure the unity and pride, and the passage of peace from the stage of historic open to all possibilities leading to stability and that the adoption of demands of the masses urgent and accepted through their demonstrations peaceful" .

Allawi stressed the need to "adopt the logic of openness and tolerance and the release of detainees who have not been convicted, and discontinuation of the laws of terrorism and the confidential informant, and the adoption of the rule of law and independence of the judiciary as the basis for state-building, democracy and justice in the Iraqi society."

And announced that the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi in the first of June, the suspension of negotiations with a coalition of state law officially, until the implementation of the demands of the terms of the Convention on Irbil, as he emphasized the leadership of the Iraqi List and the Vice-President of the Republican Tareq al-Hashemi, the Iraqi decided to send a message to Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki demanding the implementation of the agreements and obligations contained in the framework of this initiative, first and foremost to stop security breaches and to achieve a true partnership in the security file.

Revealed the Iraqi List, in the 24 of May, too, about the agreement with a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the time limit expires early next July, to approve the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers, and the formation of a new body of accountability and justice, expressing at the same time, concerns about the possibility of implementing the agreement.

As announced in the May 19 of the current agreement with the state law to activate the agreements Irbil, including the National Council for the strategic policy, also confirmed that the Council will be presented soon to the Parliament to vote on the President.

The head of Iraq's Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, in September 2010, an initiative on resolving the political crisis in Iraq include the formation of a committee of between eight and twelve representatives of the political blocs to begin talks to form a new government and work to resolve outstanding differences, and convening meetings of the expanded for the leaders to resolve the issue of the three presidencies .

The Kurdistan Alliance is revealed in the 17 of May, on the initiative of Kurdish seconds to resolve the differences between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, about candidates for the ministries of security at the American desire, noting that the initiative include the activation of the remaining items of the first on the powers of the President of Council policies, and come to the dialogue table to resolve points of contention between al-Maliki, Allawi, rather than an exchange of letters.

And spin differences between the Iraqi List and the National Alliance on some of the terms of the Irbil, including the draft Law on the Council strategic policies supreme, the most important mechanism for choosing the head of the Council, as the demands of the Iraqi List to be the mechanism of choice in the House of Representatives, which rejected the National Alliance and claims to be part of the body that formed within the National Council for strategic policy and status enjoyed by the person who chairs the council and the powers it be described as general secretary or president, and on the nomination of candidates for security posts vacant in the government, was identified as the Iraqi List, the uniqueness of Maliki's nomination of candidates is a repudiation of the Agreement on Irbil, which gave the Iraqi list the full right according to the political consensus that oozes from it deems appropriate for the post of defense minister, saying it would refuse to vote on the candidates Maliki categorically.
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