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Chalabi, a member of the party announces its withdrawal from acting because of "unprepared" to organize a convoy of the chosen

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Declared a member of the Iraqi National Congress led by Ahmad Chalabi, Sunday, withdrew from the party, against the backdrop of the events of a convoy is chosen, which was hoped to be sent to Bahrain, confirmed that the decision to regulate was "improvised" taken by Chalabi himself without consulting a represents an encroachment on the law and the Constitution Iraq.

Nasrin said Abdul Raouf Al-Omran, said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", it "decided to withdraw permanently from the Iraqi National Congress because of the events convoy chosen prepared by Ahmed Chalabi, to send aid to the State of Bahrain," noting that "the decision to send the convoy was improvised taken Chalabi one of its own, without consultation, which represents an encroachment on the law and the Iraqi constitution, which prohibits interference in the internal affairs of other countries as prevents them from interfering in the affairs of Iraq. "

The construction that it "will remain on the Iraqi National Coalition, an independent ticket without thinking back to Congress, which did not touch the Chalabi very little throughout the past period," indicating that the "Caravan of the chosen do not represent the Iraqi people or its components, the political, but the persons on board only, who seem to be a lot of them were ignorant of the many principles and standards that are supposed to be accepted when you send aid to other countries, primarily the prior consent of those States to receive the aid sent to it. "

She explained construction, it "advised an official Office of the National Conference in Wasit province, Aqil al-Musawi, who was creating for the trip, the potential risks of the journey, the first damage relations Iraqi Bahrain," afterthought, "but the latter did not bow to that, saying that the convoy would express the will of the Iraqi people This is a fatal error, "according to its expression.

And considered leadership in Mr Chalabi's party, Nasreen Al-Omran, that "the decision of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to prevent sailing vessel was correct and in the interest of people on board, as in the interest of the peoples of Iraq and Bahrain," explaining it "if it were allowed to sail the convoy would have caused the outbreak of the crisis between the two countries, "according to its opinion.

And demanded the construction, all Iraqi politicians, that "not about impulsive act leads to a situation themselves and their bloc and even the country, in an embarrassing situation as he did Chalabi's convoy prepared for the chosen."

And considered the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, on Saturday, to send a ship to Bahrain, without obtaining official approval is a "can not be approved," asserting that sending the ship and its passengers had set in the problem of illegal and exposes them to risks.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the first on Friday, to prevent sailing ship in the province of Basra, was the leader of the National Congress Ahmed Chalabi prepared to send aid to Bahrain, and asked for the last Prime Minister to reconsider the decision revealed that the Bahraini side threatened to attack the convoy in case of entering the water Bahraini , confirmed the Organizing Committee for the convoy (chosen) that dozens of civilians, doctors, activists and the media decided to stay on board the ship moored in the port of the stronghold, while allowing them to take off.

And met with Maliki's decision broadly welcomed by the many forces and personalities of the Iraqi National, which considers that the decision to send the convoy that way, "not right" and could hurt the relations of two countries at the same time, could harm the persons on board if exposed to any action on departure and entry of water Regional State of Bahrain.

The National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi, told a press conference held in Port stronghold of the first on Friday, and attended "Alsumaria News", Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki did not agree to exit aid convoy which is supposed to start today towards the State of Bahrain, indicating that he sent boats police Iraqi coast to prevent the convoy from leaving.

He added that Chalabi, Maliki stressed the convoy did not come only after obtaining official approval from the Bahraini side, confirming that the King of Bahrain threatened to attack the convoy when they reach the water in Bahrain.

He called Chalabi, the Iraqi prime minister, to "review the decision of prevention", pointing out that the Iraqi coast police boats hovering around the ship and surrounded.

Chalabi was called, last Thursday, the troops out of Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, calling on the Bahraini government to resolve the crisis peacefully and to stop the killings and the release of detainees.

In turn, according to the organizing committee for the convoy (selected), which intends to transfer aid to the people of Bahrain, that the Iraqi government banned the ship that was traveling from sailing, pointing out that dozens of activists, civilians, doctors, journalists decided to stay on board the ship moored in the port stronghold until they let her go ahead.

Said at the time media spokesman convoy (chosen) a comprehensive military in an interview for "Alsumaria News", the Iraqi government prevented a sudden humanitarian convoy to go to Bahrain after he was scheduled to be launched on Friday evening, noting that the ban came after the ceremony held by the Committee Organization for the convoy to bid farewell to the participants.

The military, the aid convoy comprising 50 doctors volunteers, most of them specialists in emergency medicine and treatment of fractures, and at least 50 media, mostly representing the satellite channels and news agencies, as well as activists in civil society organizations from different provinces, he said, adding that they carry with them to Bahrainis a field hospital and the Bank of blood and a sonar and 52 tons of medical supplies.

For his part, said master of the ship (paper) used by the convoy, Captain Abbas Radhi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", the ship was scheduled to arrive after 44 hours of its launch that allowed by the authorities to leave, saying that the total distance between the port stronghold and the capital Manama reach 322 nautical miles, adding that the vessel is scheduled to follow the line after leaving the International Maritime Shatt al-Arab, and then Iraqi territorial waters.

The satisfied that "the ship carrying the Saritha basic science Tanzanian but owned by an Iraqi businessman, indicating that the crew of the ship consists of 16 sailors, by three Iraqis, and ten Pakistanis, Indians, and an Iranian one, stressing that the vessel is not newly manufactured but the engines and Mkainha all in excellent condition, it is also equipped with advanced navigation.

And met with the events taking place in Bahrain reactions large in Iraq, where Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on 16 March last, that the entry of external forces to Bahrain will be the situation in the region and fueling the sectarian violence, as called to follow the ways of peaceful understanding and to refrain from the use of force, also called Organization of the Islamic Conference to take responsibility and to preserve the unity of Muslims.

The Presidency of the Council suspended the Iraqi parliament, its the 44 until the 27 of March last, in solidarity with protests taking place in Bahrain.

A number of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and political figures, the formation of a popular Iraqi support of the Bahraini people to achieve their demands "lawful", which emphasized that the U.S. side did not give the green light to enter the Peninsula Shield Forces in Bahrain, warned of Iran's interference in the affairs of Bahrain, especially after the Saudi forces enter the country to defend a certain range

The Government of Bahrain, complained of the position of the Iraqi government and Shiite parties in government, for its biased, who condemned the actions of its Government, also refused to Bahrain to attend a summit of Baghdad, and asked the Arab League to change the location or cancellation, and support countries Persian Gulf Bahrain, which is a member of the basis of the Cooperation Council, in when relations are strained as a result of Iraqi Gulf prepared to "stand loyal to the policy of the Iranian and Shiite opposition in it."

And saw the governorates of Baghdad, Najaf, Karbala, Diwaniya, Diyala demonstrations involving hundreds of citizens and clergy to demand forces get out of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Bahrain, chanting slogans condemning the targeting of unarmed demonstrators.

The military force Saudi Arabia and the UAE is composed of about a thousand troops, entered the Kingdom of Bahrain on the 14 of last March, via the bridge border post, in addition to one hundred and fifty armored personnel carriers, and fifty other vehicles, including ambulances and water tankers, buses, military and emphasized timely source of Saudi military that the force is part of the strength of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and its mission in Bahrain is the headquarters guard vital government installations.

And The Kingdom of Bahrain since last March, calling for massive demonstrations to change the monarchy, has been punctuated by violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces, killing and injuring dozens of protesters, killing and wounding a number of elements of the security forces.

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr described in the 16 of last March, the situation in Bahrain as a "popular revolution and the revolution of the right may not be suppressed at all," then visited al-Sadr in the seventh of May last, the Qatari capital at the official invitation of the Amir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa , while assuring that the Sadr movement leader, will call for Qatar to put pressure on America to implement the withdrawal from Iraq in accordance with the security agreement, noting that the Emir of Qatar has promised to intervene personally to resolve the crisis, Bahrain and the formation of a committee to follow up the results.

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