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05/19/2011: History Maliki announces agreement to launch appointments

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05/19/2011: History
Maliki announces agreement to launch appointments

Morning newspaper

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the agreement the Council of Ministers to launch the appointments, criticized by some relatives of the Minister Itaien them, urged the minister to direct submission of detailed reports on their achievements and obstacles encountered in the work of their ministries percent during the day.
Maliki said: The «Council of Ministers to reach agreement on the subject of appointments, to be announced through the open area equally to all citizens, so as not to fail any citizen access to official or medium that gets the degree and career».
And detection al-Maliki in a speech delivered during a cabinet meeting yesterday, on «information indicating the existence of names for appointments outside the context of the agreed», pointing out that «a lot of ministers are appointed people within their community or their relatives, while the appointment of citizens in general is lighter and easier», demanding b »opened the way for citizens to set evenly and get the opportunity to compete». The Prime Minister said: The «Hundred Days, which are approaching the end understand, and understood by everyone as a stimulus to activate the reforms approved by the Council», adding that «percent on will be important Minister alone nor the Council of Ministers, but the task of the state formations and institutions of all, concerted efforts in the legislature, judiciary and executive in both its Presidency of the Republic and the Council of Ministers ». Maliki said that« the percent on the opportunity we wanted to work out as agreed upon », referring to« the existence of steps and follow-up to serious and actively by the Minister and the committee formed by the Council of Ministers to give effect to work and to find indicators of real science that the ministry was unable to continue these reforms and achieved ». He also stated that« these reforms include the administrative side in the ministry on the restructuring and the completion of repairs and transfers between the general managers or even agents If there was a need, and the rest of the paragraphs in the process of reforms, as well as matters of the Executive which can be located through percent on or in need of long periods of time », adding that it« may not be the achievement of all these reforms over the life of the current government in its final form ».
The Prime Minister may select, in the 27 of February, one hundred days of the ministries and governmental institutions to improve their performance and development of services in the country following the demonstrations called for the provision of services and the fight against corruption and the elimination of unemployment.
Maliki said «there is scientific indicators that the path in which they operate and the jurisprudence of the ministry under the leadership of the minister is able to achieve the timelines set within the contexts», but he said: that «citizens may fall victim to some attempts to disrupt the idea of percent on making them non-natural context, subject them , which reveals indicators of the government's success and the success of the minister and the success of the ministry and even the success of the pillars of the Ministry ». The President of the Government that« some agents or general managers were not the level of advancement with the Minister for the success of the work of the ministry, and this issue deeper, broader and deeper than imagined by some as a cause of achievement » He stressed that «this requires re-examination and evaluation of all state institutions and ministries within the ministry and the government and the state in general».
He said al-Maliki during a session of the Council of Ministers «need the cabinet to open meetings, especially as the deadline percent on expiring on the sixth of June next» he said, adding that he «will be to report the committee formed by the Council of Ministers, which will be its Secretary-General on the Keywords introduced the follow-ups, when you deadline to characterize and identify the strengths and weaknesses that hinder the work of the government and the work of each ministry unit ». Prime Minister believed that« these steps are not enough, but we need to be more transparent and clear to the citizen and political observer of domestic and external, and to speak with each minister about what has been accomplished and the obstacles faced by his ministry, to unfold is in front of the viewer, the government and the House of Representatives, Ministers and all observers », calling on ministers to« write a detailed report from now on the achievements and the obstacles that stood in the way of their ministries to be placed on the agenda to stimulate and activate the work of the government after percent on », pointing out that the «This step is one of the benefits and fruits of the deadline in order to determine the draw, including indicators of the success of the ministry or government in general».
He also noted that he «will see on these reports to the Council of Ministers, and then complete the picture and we put our hands on the strengths to deepen and Tedeidha and the failures to deal with scientific methods». It is said that Maliki's palette, in the 11 of May current, to resign and bring down the government and claim to dissolve parliament in If the view that there is no benefit from it, pointing out that the failure of any minister in his failure would mean political bloc to which it belongs. so, was attended by the Prime Minister yesterday, the signing ceremony of Iraq with STX Korean contract to equip the 25 stations, electric and rate of production of 2500 MW. He thanked al-Maliki said in a statement issued by his office had received »Sabah» copy of it, the Korean delegation on the speed of response and to come to Baghdad to sign the contracts which were agreed upon during his recent visit to South Korea, reiterated confidence in the performance of Korean companies and its commitment to higher period of the execution. He also expressed his delight with the participation of Korean companies in the process of construction and reconstruction taking place in Iraq, calling for the start of work and speed up the implementation as soon as possible to provide electric power to the Iraqi people. The contract was signed for the Iraqi Minister of Electricity Raad waterfall, while I had the Jean Wu, a representative of the Korean company STX.


good post!i always wondered if the 100 day timeline was someone elses idea to stall for something to be done before rv.

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