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Central continuous coverage in the private sector and the needs of the dollar, economists expect the stability of the dinar soon

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Baghdad waves Ahmed
is still cash reserves of hard currency "within the green lines" in spite of the continuation of the central bank to meet the special needs of the sector of the dollar, to maintain the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar; as Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister confirms that the Bank could support the import dollar operations to more of 6 months, amid expectations of academics economists as "the stability of the dinar exchange rate in the next phase."
The Central Bank of Iraq announced earlier that the decline in oil revenues "reduced the country's foreign exchange reserves to about $ 60 billion," after falling reserves, According to the International Monetary Fund, to $ 66 billion at the end 2014, from 78 billion at the end of 2013.
According to Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister in an interview with "the world", said the bank is still used cash reserves of hard currency has, to maintain the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar by addressing private sector needs the dollars to cover imports.
The central bank said earlier that there is coordination between him and the civil and government banks to maintain the stability of the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.
As Saleh says that the monetary policy of the Bank does not allow down reserves hard currency to low levels; it "seeks to control liquidity flowing through the public budgets for the country."
and reassure Saleh, who was working as deputy central bank governor, former Shabibi, that "put the cash reserve so far within the green line," stressing The Central can cover imports "for more than 6 months to come."
The Iraq faces financial difficulties following the drop in world oil prices, which accompanied him to enter the country in continuous battles with the organization "Daash", and his son from a lot of pressure on the economy, especially because it depends on oil imports by more than the 95 percent.
He warned "Barchillaa" British bank in an analytical report to the market, that Iraq's oil exports "will be affected significantly during the coming winter, due to weak export system, and network and load the oil in which the transfer before the harsh weather conditions that accompany Chapter.
"Saleh pointed out that the Bank's policy focused on making the disparity between the buying and selling" acceptable "rates, denying pumping the Central Bank of large amounts of dollar to the private sector, compared to a decline buy it from the government in local currency.
The size of the amounts sold in the auction of the financial markets daily central bank about $ 197 billion, after it was exceeding the 280 billion until the end of last year 2014.
The central bank announced earlier that its sales to banks amounted to more than $ 32 billion up to 23 of September now, recording an annual decline of more than five billion dollars .
The bank said in a statement seen by "the world" that "sales of the dollar banks reached since the beginning of this year until the 23 of September the current 0.32 billion and 63.125 million and $ 616", adding that "this amount is reduced from what it was on the same date last year 2014, in which sales were 37 billion and 952 million and 481 000 dollars.
"For his part, Maitham defect, an economist ruled out landing the dinar exchange rate against the dollar, although the central bank began to withdraw from the foreign reserves, while he in previous years accumulate those reserves.
It is expected defect in connection with "the world", the stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange for a future price, especially that the bank "takes into account the hazardous effects that can be generated by the instability of the dinar exchange rate on the economy."
He was a member of Board of Directors Central Majid picture said in an earlier statement to "the world", said the central works on the stability of the dinar exchange in the local market price.
He described the cash reserve as "reassuring, being a fill 160 percent of the money supply of the Iraqi dinar.
The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords may Hun in Earlier fears that says that the continued downward pressure the Iraqi dinar, which sells "the central bank" to banks and dealers who obtained licenses at a price fixed in 1166 dinars to the dollar. "If we look at the markets these days, we will see that the price is very stable, and very reasonable." The local currency plunged to about 1400 dinars to the dollar on the parallel market in mid-June 1228 week earlier.

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I'm starting to think they like 1166 and want to keep it that way. They are stupid.

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