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Text of a joint final statement of the meeting Abadi and Obama

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Text of a joint final statement of the meeting Abadi and Obama

04/15/2015 11:30
Awan / Baghdad
Published by the agency "time", the joint final statement of the meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and US President Barack Obama, and Abadi said that the Government of Iraq has zero tolerance for human rights violations and to the United States and the International Alliance of States to provide assistance to re-stabilize the situation immediately and keep it on long-term in areas where it is released from the control of the organization Daash, and while Obama expressed support for the strategy set by Abadi and provide thousands of guns to fighters tribes in Anbar, the two sides agreed on the futility of military solutions as a solution to the conflicts in the region.
According to the text of the statement, published by the Information Office Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and got "time", a copy of it, that US President Barack Obama welcomed the Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi and his accompanying delegation in his visit to Washington for a period of 13 until April 16, 2015, where the US president met with the prime minister on Tuesday in White House to confirm once again the long-term strategic partnership between Iraq and the United States, founded on mutual respect and common interests and the commitment of the parties to the Convention on common strategic framework between the two countries. US President has expressed great support for the progress achieved by the Prime Minister and the Government of Iraq since the last time you met with the parties several months ago. to work together to defeat al Daash trading President Obama with Prime Minister progress achieved by weakening the organization Daash and elimination campaign, and across the two leaders deep appreciation for the sacrifices made ​​by the Iraqi people in all their diversity and its components in the war against al-Daash large and contributions made ​​by more than 60 partner countries of the international coalition in the war against al-Daash. Has played more than 1850 sorties flown by the coalition forces in Iraq, a crucial role in stopping the progress Daash organize and support the Iraqi security forces in the liberation of a large part of the territory seized by the organization Daash previously. The Prime Minister has praised the performance of Iraqi security forces, including the volunteer forces in the popular crowd and the Peshmerga forces and fighters of the clan, was the Prime Minister expressed his thanks to President Obama, the American people, the broad support to Iraq and to the great efforts made ​​by the US troops stationed in Iraq, and stressed the two presidents the importance of the core of the partnership between the two countries. The two presidents discussed the next steps in the campaign to eradicate the organization Daash and assured the Prime Minister on the need to stabilize the situation in the areas where it is released from the control of the organization and ensure the transfer of power to the officials of the people of the liberated areas and local police to those areas and maintain order and the return of the delivery of public services and the protection of civilians and the return of people displaced to the shops of residence, and the Prime Minister stressed that the Government of Iraq has zero tolerance for human rights violations, and a request from the United States and the International Alliance of States to provide assistance to re-stabilize the situation immediately and keep it in the long run in areas that are freed from the control of the organization Daash. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of the crucial role played by the parents of the inhabitants of those areas in the liberation of their areas, and stressed accordingly the importance of the involvement of more tribes in fighting guerrillas against al Daash important part of the formations of the popular crowd forces. President Obama has vowed to continue its support for the security forces Iraqi initiative Post clans with the provision of training and equipment from the United States, and particularly welcomed the initiative of the Iraqi government to provide thousands of guns and other combat equipment to tribal fighters eastern Anbar province, similar to the success achieved in the form of Lion Air Base west of Anbar, where enabled advisors Americans tribal forces to carry out combat operations against al Daash coordination with the Iraqi security forces. The two sides stressed the magnitude of the threat posed by terrorism to Iraq and the region and the international community. They stressed the importance of implementing what came in the UN Security Council resolutions 2178 and 2199, and also discussed the critical importance of addressing the causes of terrorism and violence, to include further joint efforts in these areas over the coming weeks, said the US president that the Prime Minister will continue discussions on the military campaign against al Daash during his meetings with US Secretary of Defense on April 15, and the meeting of the International Alliance, which will be held on the same day states. strengthen democratic Iraq and unified briefed the Prime Minister President on the latest developments in the political arena in Iraq, including the Cabinet's efforts to implement the program National ambition who responded when the formation of the government, and pointed to the national parliament to pass the budget with the support of various denominations, the first event of its kind in Iraq for years, which included the paragraphs relating to the task of oil exports and revenue sharing with the Kurdistan Regional Government. The Prime Minister stressed that the goal remains to pass legislation that stated in the national program within the list of priorities. The president welcomed the progress that has been made ​​so far, and he invited all the political blocs to make the concessions necessary for the success of the application of the entire national program. On a larger scale, outlined the prime minister his vision for the application of model Aatzm greater decentralization of governance is, as called for in the provisions of the Iraqi Constitution, which model, which emphasized that one of the main requirements for success within a broader strategy to achieve progress in Iraq. And elaborated on the government's program to transfer the responsibility for maintaining security to the local governments in the provinces details. In light of this, he pointed to efforts to strengthen the role of local governments to the liberated areas in maintaining stability in those areas. Also highlighted the importance of the National Guard to provide power to the security of the inhabitants of the provinces of Iraq and to ensure that Iraqi security forces are represented on a large and close to the people who are sworn to protect and defend them scale. The US president expressed support for the strategy set by the Prime Minister, which committed to providing support and assistance necessary, according to the Strategic Framework Agreement to strengthen constitutional democracy in Iraq. improve the opportunities for the Iraqi people and said the US president and the Iraqi prime minister to the need for their countries continue to strengthen the prospects for bilateral cooperation in the Under the Strategic Framework Agreement. The Prime Minister outlined the challenges faced by the group Iraq as a result of lower oil prices worldwide humanitarian crisis experienced by the war against al-Daash. The Prime Minister outlined his government Abadi strategy to support the Iraqi economy, including the revival of the power infrastructure in Iraq and the ongoing reforms to curb corruption and reduce wasteful spending. The two leaders agreed to take advantage of international support for the Iraq war against al Daash in such a way to promote the integration of Iraq into the global economy. President Obama pointed out that economic cooperation is an essential element for the sustainability of long-term partnership between Iraq and the United States. US President congratulated the Prime Minister Abadi on high oil export rates recorded by Iraq recently, the highest levels for more than thirty years, the two leaders stressed the need to work together to increase Iraq's oil production and raise its exports in the future. The US president said he has directed Vice President Biden to hold a meeting of the Coordinating Committee upper Strategic Framework Agreement on April 16, to focus exclusively on economic affairs, including the prospects of bilateral trade and cooperation in the field of energy and reforms the private and stability of the sector, Iraq's financial and assured President Obama and Prime Minister Abadi the need to address the humanitarian situation in Iraq, where displaced more than 2.6 million Iraqis from their home areas since January 2014, and noted President Obama's decision last to provide $ 205 million in humanitarian aid to Iraqis in the region and to support Iraq in its response to the Syrian crisis, bringing the total assistance provided by the United States of Iraqis displaced to more than $ 407 million since the beginning of the 2014 fiscal. promote regional cooperation and President Obama expressed strong support for increased cooperation between Iraq and its partners in the region on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs. Mr. Prime Minister, the US president was briefed on the results of recent consultations with the capitals of the region and its efforts to strengthen the diplomatic representation of the states in the region in Baghdad. The president stressed the importance of a strong diplomat in Baghdad for all Arab countries in the region represented. The two sides agreed on the futility of military solutions as a solution to the conflicts in the region. Within this context, the Prime Minister has welcomed the general framework of the Joint Action Plan between the states and the overall 5 +1 and Iran regarding Iran's nuclear program as a way to bring more peace and stability in the region. The two leaders affirmed that the presence of a strong relationship between Iraq and the United States were critical to the security of the region and the interests of the long-term for both countries. Conclusion provide this visit as a chance to review the significant progress that has been made ​​by Iraq and the United States to work together and discuss ways to enhance cooperation more across the entire prospects for the strategic partnership between the two countries. United States rapid and widespread response to the current challenges faced by Iraq strength and stability relationship between our two countries has shown, and agreed President Obama and Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi, the importance of continuing to strengthen this relationship permanent.

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