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Superficial inch recommended the collection of the tax from the oil with determining the value of the dinar

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Superficial inch recommended the collection of the tax from the oil with determining the value of the dinar as a springboard for development - Interview: Laith Mohammed Reza
- PUBLISHED ON 13.04.2015
BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - recommended the General Coordinator of the Network of Iraqi economists Superficial an inch, that the reform of the Iraqi economy and solve the dilemma begins rentier, building an effective tax system starts from the sector ...
BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - recommended the General Coordinator of the Network of Iraqi economists Superficial an inch, that the reform of the Iraqi economy starts and solve the dilemma of the rentier, building an effective tax system starts from the oil sector itself, because the diversification of the productive base of the strategy can not be the beginning economic development, because they will not give quick results, but you may need to tens of years, indicating that the start raising the tax collection from the oil sector efficiency, are after the separation of the oil companies produced and marketed by the Ministry of Oil administratively and financially, and the revival of the national oil company as a holding company include all production companies marketing and liquidation.

The CBI urged the peg to the US dollar, a fixed exchange rate with the devaluation of the dinar and not 1500 dinars, stressing the need to carry some of the negative effects of this decline.

Called an inch in an interview with the Center Brief, for dialogue between the central and the private sector, especially traders, to agree on a contingency plan and a national face of declining oil revenues, the development of standards for auditing import requests and identified as necessary and important, national necessarily convince them to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar, because they have a lobby influential refuses reduction currency, "and urged the central bank to resume publication of demand for the dollar and the amount of data met, whatever the mechanism in place, because the central stopped publishing currency auction data Erpkina as analysts and reduced transparency.

He told (IMN), "The mentality of a lot of politicians and decision-makers and even some economists are still wedded to the concepts of the command economy, and has already warned of restricting the supply of foreign currency, and we said that this restriction would encourage the parallel market and this is what is happening today, as there are two prices for foreign currency in the market, "adding that he" can accept this procedure in the near term, but in the long run should have a solid financial base to withstand external shocks. "

He said an inch, an international consultant, that "peg to the dollar and stabilizing the exchange rate, will pull the rug from under the feet of the currency speculators who make obscene profits at the expense of the Iraqi economy."

"The first benefits of devaluation will stimulate the agricultural sector, because it will make imported goods more expensive than the local product, and this encouraged the peasants to move the agricultural economy, while still the infrastructure of the industrial sector is weak and need a long time to stimulate, and cost-effective rapid positive will come from the sector agricultural. "

He inch "I disagree with my colleagues experts who focus on the need to raise customs duties as a tool to protect the domestic industry, forgetting that we do not have the infrastructure to move the industry, and the collection of customs system is very weak recognition of its officials", recommending a "limited package for the imposition of duties on the import of important industries in Iraq, such as cement, which deserves temporary protection. "

He stated that "we have to ask why escapes national investment? Before looking at attracting foreign investment, noting that production costs in the Iraqi industry are too high, and the investor has choices and temptations in other countries, "noting that" 25% of the investment in the Jordanian industry is the Iraqis to investors, and that the Iraqi investment in Jordan reached 37 Billion dollar ".

He added an inch that "international economists are talking about the external shock in decades, Network economists warned of access down the price of oil research expert Ali Mirza was published in January 2012, but officials are now talking about it outside of their control, and they were surprised, and analytical surprise this is that they were not interested in past years, the economy did not listen to the advice of economic efficiencies, and did not prepare the kit exceptional circumstances did not take advantage of the abundance of oil prices, "pointing out that" there are important measures that can be taken to prepare for the decline in oil revenues, Norway is, for example, oil country and has a fund balance, its assets amounted to nearly a trillion dollars, as well as Gulf oil states. "

In response to a question about the fiscal policy, the general coordinator of the Network of Iraqi economists said, "The Iraqi financial and political crisis is the crisis of the rentier state in the era of globalization, buy the loyalty of citizens em- ployment, and relies on oil revenues, which did not settle for nearly 40 years, Over-Spending and a lack of strategic vision of public finances, compounded by the impact of the external shock of the collapse of oil prices. "

He spoke an inch for a proposed national oil company, saying it "will be a contribution in the first stage and shares the king of the Iraqi state in the first phase and to contribute to some of the ministries where, and then sell the shares then starts on the categories under social Court to ensure the achievement of national consensus and social justice and social peace, which will depend study on the method of distribution. "

"The shareholders of this company will pay a tax of up to 75%, and with this we will find the owners of capital rather than struggling to drain cake oil rents they become solidarity and keen to develop the oil sector and the accumulation of this wealth," noting that "most of the oil-producing countries no where national oil companies operating across the border, including the Republic of Angola. "

He continued that "the existence of the national oil company will encourage the front oil industries such as petrochemicals and plastics and fertilizer industries and the rest of the industries that will contribute to a revival of the agricultural sector."

With regard to the treatment of the electricity crisis, inch said that "a lot of countries have preceded us 30 years ago in the development of the electricity sector, and I personally contributed to the study of the restructuring of the electricity sector in Argentina and Jordan while you manage the project rationalization of electricity consumption within the German Technical Cooperation Foundation," explaining that "electricity sector reform should begin to separate production from transmission and distribution in the sense restructuring of the electricity sector and entrust the production of investment companies along with public companies, to keep the Ministry of Electricity Organization and Supervisor of the electricity sector, you buy from your product and sells to distributors who are selling and Aajabun at a specified price by the ministry."

He added that "transportation appoint a public company government is winning establish and likely to be reimbursed, while distribution leaves to private sector companies, and I see that the generator owners gained experience in the collection of funds, but succeeded more than the state in this task should be reintegrated into these companies at the district level In residential neighborhoods. "

Turning to an inch that "the government's strategy to stimulate the private sector good sign for optimism, because it this time with the participation of experts from the private sector, and a network of Iraqi economists is ready to support this initiative proposals and observations."

He drew an inch to the "network experts are economists from first-class certificate of international organizations where they worked and amassed enormous experience and contributed to the construction of other countries economy, and a network objectives is to mobilize economic efficiencies, and melted down in Iraq, building operations, as well as disseminating economic culture on the political level At the level of the citizens, and the third goal is to create an economic lobby pressure on the owners of the economic and political decision to give enough to the process of economic development and the importance they give priority to partisan political interests, we have succeeded in creating an Iraqi opinion in favor of the fundamental issues in the economy. "

He inch "contributed to the discussions of the Central Bank of the problem and the issue of the national currency stability, and we have research mission, and participated in public budgets discussions for several fiscal years and we have proposals, also participated in the assessment of the National Development Plan 2013- 2017 and provided advice to the Deputy Prime Minister in relation to that document."

He stated that "the network is currently working through a team of IT experts to prepare a proposal for the development process of the financial budget and electronic link the Ministry of Finance and other ministries preparation and follow-up implementation in order to adjust the spending and the development of management techniques and stress experts we are offering our services to the officials for free, as we announced in the first scientific conference which was held in 2013 in Beirut, and the network is funded activity self-donation of some of its members and the whole work is voluntary subscribers, for example, I personally I used to get paid per day up to $ 800, when I was working with international organizations, but defended the work of the network and Tunai- moral and want to contribute to building the economy of Iraq, because we believe that the economy is the material basis for human freedom and democracy and social peace. "

He added that "in Consultative Relationship with the officials are still in their infancy, and some officials and institutions asked us advice and some of them asked us to give him a plan of action, and so we have actually integrated proposals and plans to raise the efficiency of performance."

He continued, "We are optimistic after the formation of the current government, which appeared to be interested in the competencies and We are encouraged to appoint colleague, a member of the network of Iraqi economists and economic expert Mahdi Keywords as director of the Office of the Prime Minister, as well as appoint colleague founder of the network appearance of Mohammed Saleh, an adviser to the prime minister, as well as were excluded Adel Abdul-Mahdi oil He is a member of the network, and assured us that he will take part and support the Second Scientific Conference of the network, which we aspire to be held in Baghdad in the fall of this year. "


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