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Ornaments: the recovery of the private sector solution to the crisis

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Ornaments: the recovery of the private sector solution to the crisis
3/4/2015 0 Comments

In an economic seminar discussed the budget challenges
Baghdad Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
D.oled ornaments Prime Minister adviser said: that the general budget pass many challenges as a result of circumstances through which the country of low oil prices and national confrontation aggression Daash that require the concerted efforts of all the good in order to overcome this crisis. This came during the opening of the Economic Forum organized by the Iraqi Economists Association in collaboration with the Baghdad College of Economic Sciences University, which carried the title "the mechanisms for implementing the federal budget for 2015" views and proposals, adding that what weighs budget is the size of salaries and social benefits to be borne by the state and by eight million including four million employees and million retired and the rest is divided between social welfare benefits and martyrs and political prisoners and victims.
He said in a statement to the (morning) that the state actually duty afford living of all citizens, attributing the cause to a few areas of work in Iraq, which led to rampant unemployment, which require Find More serious and means to address this imbalance through the support of a market economy programs.
He ornaments to the need to promote the Iraqi private sector this task, especially after the launch of the strategy of the private sector, which the government adopted in order to activate productive activities and service expertise and potential of the private sector.
Addressing the homes of science and economists the importance of the proposal mechanisms to maximize the general budget revenues without relying on oil revenues.
He ornaments: that the slight improvement in oil prices Asher health forecasts and estimates of prices in the budget expected a breakthrough soon in prices, which is not only related to supply and demand laws but public policy for adult players also everyone is urged to work according to studied plans do not look at the prices in the oil variables but rely on productive and service sectors of the economy and other, including industry, agriculture, tourism and investment.
As head of the symposium, Dr. Sadeq al-Shammari said in his speech: that the current year's budget faces a series of challenges stand in the forefront of the decline Oil prices in world markets and the expenses of the war on Daash, also pointed out the correlation between politics and the economy and the relationship between them and the impact of each other.
He noted that the fall in oil prices in world markets, leading to move the Iraqi minds to create new outlets for new income-general of the federal budget, stressing that the lack of Financial revenues from the export of crude oil leads to a serious quest to move the joints of the economy, especially the agricultural and industrial sectors have elements of development and activation of production and this provides billions of dollars spent on the import of money-sector products.
He noted that the country has natural resources are sufficient country 800 years to come to, There are also in Iraq competencies able to invest the wealth and employment in projects to achieve sustainable economic development that transmits Iraq into a new phase achieved the highest degree of economic viability of the country, pointing to the need to promote economic expertise to work and creativity in their fields.
The head of the Iraqi Economists Association Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri MacKay referred that the actor economy requires an organ bank developed can interact with all phases of construction and reconstruction, which was sought by the country, offers the best products offered at banks that deal with the biggest international companies.
He pointed out the need for Iraq to Insurance cover a sophisticated system and act comparable to the banking system, noting that it achieves significant economic feasibility of the country because the insurance is a component of encouraging the development of production in all sectors, because it provides sufficient guarantees for the establishment of projects.
while eating a member of the House of Representatives, former Abdul Abbas Xiaa history of budgeting in Iraq since the first in 1921, the budget down to the current year's budget, pointing out need to be objects of expenditure in the budget, a high degree of transparency. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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