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Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki enters hospital for a heart attack because of the deterioration of the security situation in Anbar!

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According to sources in the Prime Minister's Office of Hammurabi to enter Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at night and secretly to the Ibn Sina hospital in the green zone following a heart attack because of the deterioration of the security situation in Anbar.

The sources said that Al-Maliki has formed an investigative Committee week before secret form of military and intelligence near him to uncover the truth of what is happening in Anbar, the military reports posted by field commanders and Defense Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi and agency on the validity of claims of successive victories in front of Al-Anbar.

The sources said that the length of the crisis and which exceeded the 5 weeks without any clear progress and critical and security forces could not break into the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah, because of ferocious fighters clan, Al-Maliki questioned on reports from field officers and tribes loyal to him, decided to entrust the secret Committee of inquiry and the Committee has already submitted a detailed report, revealed the following points :

First: the difficult military situation for the Iraqi army and security agents because of (the lack of reinforcement and training and logistics)

Secondly: lack of harmonious Court and plans for leaders of the army and fighting traditional plans are administered and random and plans focus on abundance instead of numerical operations.

Third: the flight of large numbers of soldiers from the battlefield and the army's use of new volunteers don't improve use and did not have the experience of fierce battles, the loss of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs and wounded troops.

Fourth: increasing the number of officers with false reports of fake not real victories, for fear of punishment and redemption.

VA: vicious terrorists on the outskirts of the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah, and survival odds and battles between Iraqi army in small areas such as pitch and albu Farraj.

VI: a large number of tribal fighters who are holed up in city centers and controlled by practical and security forces could not negotiate with them or destroy them.

VII: the inability of the local government in Anbar tribal to preempt her.

Sources indicate that Al-Maliki was very disappointed after listening to the report, the Committee recommended the following points as a way out of the current crisis:

First: a peaceful initiative to give way for political solutions, through meetings and negotiations gathered political leaders and local government and angry rebel clans.

Second: co-opt the Sunni clans to the Government through an amnesty on tribesmen and respond to the demands of the people of the province.

III. budgeting for reconstruction and compensation for its victims.

IV: the return of tens of thousands of displaced families and compensate them financially.

Fifth: Iraqi army withdrew from the province and giving a greater role to the local police.

VI: co-opt Sunni clerics from the Sunni Endowment materially and morally.

VII: trial of accused to Anbar to raise suspicion of politicization and sectarianism.

VIII: focus on file and change the atmosphere of a military campaign.

IX media: reduced intensity of spasticity and its military programmes and anthems and talking about the wedding.

The sources said that Al-Maliki during a meeting with the Committee had been taken ill, especially that the meeting was a lengthy and detailed and jerky because debates, causing syncope Prime and to was transferred immediately to the Ibn Sina hospital in the green zone and that the existence of signs of heart light was overridden due to high blood pressure in the Prime Minister, who suffered for years.

The sources also said that doctors advised Al-Maliki must rest and relaxation and warned him of the danger of cramping, nervousness and what can cause hypertension and probability not escape again to a.

Sources disclosed that Al-Maliki advisers huddled in order of initiative of the local government in Anbar and in particular by its Governor Ahmad Khalaf Al-dulaimi and accepted immediately and apply their provisions in order to overcome the crisis which has expanded and expanded in other areas (Nineveh and Salaheddin and belt of Baghdad) and to prevent uncontrolled situation and orientation of the electoral campaign and alleviate the cramping.

The sources noted that Al-Maliki had agreed to this proposal and this illness is the cause and background of the peace initiative announced by the Governor of Anbar.

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He wakes up every day with problems from each tribes. He does have extremely too much pressure. He has to do the Jetro way. When Moses was in the desert as the only Judge and his father inlaw Jetro told him to assign judges for each tribe and he would not have all that pressure. He has extremely too much pressure . He needs rest. Next...................

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