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After casting his ballot, Allawi warns of "rigging" the election results and says: God

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The leader of the unified Iraqi Coalition warned Allawi, on Saturday, of "rigging" the election results, said the tone of the popular "God", while he accused the Government of launching a campaign of mass arrests in Northern Babil and southern Baghdad citizens from going to the elections, saying the current authority is unable to protect citizens and the polls.

Allawi said in an interview with a number of media including (range) after casting his ballot at the election Centre in the Al-Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad and was dedicated to political officials, "the possible fraud of election results by manipulating the counting process," he said in the tone of popular "God".

Allawi accused the Government of mass arrests, Saturday morning in North Babylon and prevent citizens in the regions of Yusufiyah, latifiyah South of the capital going to elections, "he said, adding that" the Government has not made the documents allow the traffic of the political actors contrary to policy, including the common Iraqi coalition. "

The Iraqi coalition "common government authorities began to prevent the assassination of coalition candidates, who numbered about 15 candidates now hinder their elections" and stressed that "the Coalition will present a complaint to the Office for violations that occurred during the campaign and voting", indicating that "the current authorities are unable to protect citizens and the ballot box."

And started at 7 a.m. Saturday (20 April 2013) voting for provincial Council elections on 12 Iraqi governorates, which will make about 13 million and 800,000 voters cast their ballots in polling stations and 4848 32102 polling station, in addition to the provinces of Kurdistan and Anbar, Kirkuk, Ninewa, which would allow them to vote for migrants from the provinces participate in the elections.

The election would be pitting 139 and a coalition political entity participation 8275 candidates, and monitors more than 66 thousand local and international observers.

Iraqiya leader Iyad Allawi warned United National during the last weeks of the ruling party sought to "election fraud" and accused on 9/4/2013 "militia threat and intimidation, intimidation and prosecution of coalition candidates and their supporters", and asserted that the militia "militia" Army "know the Government", while the risk of those militias paid to interview candidates from its list in stages, he stressed that his coalition would address each of trying to undermine "the unity of Iraq."

The Iraqi list was threatened, (13 April 2013), following the end of the voting process, "will challenge the legitimacy of the elections and its integrity in the event of a" threat "against members of the security forces and pressuring them to vote for a political party, and while this is a" flagrant violation of the Constitution ", to protect the integrity of elections and cancel fraudulent ballots.

Many candidates of national unified Iraqi coalition since the start of the campaign for local elections, early in March 2013, to assassinations with stick-on armed attacks, most recently, on April 13, the coalition candidate were killed in Salahuddin Haitham Keshia armed attack carried out by unknown assailants at his home, amid the Ishaqi, 60 km south of Tikrit, Karbala two days before the candidate in an armed attack the target with another candidate.
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