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Damaged currency problem afflicting low-income earners

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Damaged currency problem afflicting low-income earners

 reconnaissance / Huda al-Azzawi

The problem of damaged banknotes dilemma afflicting most low-income earners, and the difficulty lies in the dispensing process, in addition to the embarrassment caused to bondholders, so when reject the seller or the bus driver! Despite confirm officials and the Ministry of Finance as currency printed in the finest presses global, and Orgaha good kind but after years of circulation and use exposed to fraud, damage and disruption.
To know the reasons for this phenomenon (range) toured the markets and citizens to determine the size of the negative impact of traders currency damaged and was قفتنا first with a vendor vegetables Muhammad Ali as saying that "dealing with customers currency monetary damaged major adverse effect on our business, especially when demand for shopping (العلوة), Most traders refuse to handle currency dirty or torn, so stay away as much as possible for dealing currencies damaged.
The butcher Abu Adel shows: The practical abound where humidity and due to poor currency and speed damage envisage caution, so as not to get wet banknotes that I held.
indicates "not without any house of banknotes damaged, now I have ten thousand dinars does not accept one that takes it from me being exposed to Moisten Vtlacht colors, not I discharged markets or citizens' deliberation. And also for the circulation of currency shattered big problems tell us about seller Alaa al-Bayati: Currencies of cash with the small category would be acceptable in the daily dealings, the category of cash (five thousand) can not be accepted or dealt, but sometimes accept currency shattered if the market is weak , Vendtr to deal with this category of funds. He adds citizen Abu role "The existence of paper currency damaged caused us a lot of problems, when we go to buy our re-seller for us papers cash torn and connected, but we are facing many problems and difficult discharged, whether by the shopkeepers or drivers Kia.
One problem that experienced employee is spending his monthly salary, he earns salary ripped and damaged and this is illustrated by Staff Musawi arguing that "upon receipt of salaries from banks are torn and damaged and can not be cashed and difficult circulation even in petrol stations and torn them even beggar does not accept them, we ask banks not to mix currency torn salaried employees who are unable to sometimes traded in daily dealings. while most currency damaged acted in pensions, and this was confirmed by retired Haider as well as duration spaced to receive the pension and the lack of salaries disbursed for retirees, I compelled to receive any currency even though cash was torn, and when I ask the Secretary of State Fund alter any damaged or paper collage gave them anger and say (is Annie Jaiba of the house of his parents), and so Valmtdharralouhad is a private citizen and retired. Meanwhile shows economic expert Majid picture that "monetary value damaged whatever class have a significant impact on the level of per capita income in general because their use affects their standard of living.
adds that the picture of dealing currencies damaged procedure is illegal, you should take all legal action against the defaulting who are trading the currency damaged by food provides the customer damaged currency unfit for circulation, and shows "Every bank that receives each coin is damaged and replace it by a new issued by the central bank.


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