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Central Bank of Iraq (again) and UN Security Council resolutions

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Central Bank of Iraq (again) and UN Security Council resolutions
Date: Sunday 12/09/2012 07:46 pm

BAGHDAD - A citizen
The minister said the former Rep. Judge Wael Abdul Latif said the Presidium of the Council of Representatives over the Constitution when formed a committee in the case of the Iraqi Central Bank and referred the Commission's investigation into the integrity without reference to the House of Representatives. Said Abdul Latif in an article published by the citizen in a later that the Commission ( temporary) problem without characterization unconstitutional because the members of the House of Representatives (number 2) and with a non-parliamentary (Prime BSA) said in the recommendation (we suggest to refer the matter to the (COI) and the seal of the President deport recommendation to the Integrity Commission and the Integrity Commission two days to the body judicial to arrest warrants lightning speed based on the provisions of Article 340 sanctions that do not accept sponsorship, wondering (where it came from this innovation we do not know??!!) and warrants affecting 24 staff and 10 staff headed by Chairman of the Independent (Central Bank Governor) . said Abdul Latif: Worse than that that arrest warrants affect advisers in the Iraqi Central Bank and the Chancellor is known as the owner of advice works or does not function with (non-mandatory) In light of these orders to arrest Cabinet shall issue orders Official resign or are removed or withdrawn hand for a number of Bank officials and the light also issued Central Bank Governor (Acting) President BSA (ASALA) is administratively withdraw by the central bank governor (authentic), which represents Iraq in Japan at a conference of the International Monetary Fund???, along with more than 18 employees and an employee . investigation continues (and confidential) also announces some defense lawyers for some (staff and employees CBI). said Abdul Latif that the International Monetary Fund and with the World Bank as financial institutions concerned with cash does not count only on the reports BSA but requests from Iraq international companies specialized the task of auditing and control over the work CBI and Abdel Latif said any government department or ministry or presidencies EXECUTIVE (cabinet + President) did not enjoy immunity as (Enjoy CBI) so until the legislature enjoys immunity limits (election period) Then lose this immunity. The immunity enjoyed by the (central bank) is horse administrative work being done. said Abdul Latif that Iraq is still under Chapter VII of the UN Security Council resolutions is definitely committed to all مايصدر for the UN Security Council in particular resolution 1483 in 2003 and resolution 1956 in 2010, where committed decisions Iraq adoption system account singular in the sense that all oil revenues are deposited starting in one account at one institution to the account was opened in the Fed named account of oil revenue received as account was opened last named cbi-dfi. This is distributed account opra 5% to account compensation and 95% to account cbi-dfi. As Resolution No. 1956 for the year 2010 has included points binding following: In this resolution, the Security Council see progress towards the transition to a post-dfi with regard to the subsequent system development fund Iraq. text article tomorrow


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