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Went and saw the Movie 2016 tonight an expos'e of obama

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Absolutely paramount that every American see this film before its too late! The film-maker ironically is not even American born but rather an Eastern Indian who came here to go to colledge and ......in the beggining he mentioned he studied all the various Empires of the world when he was a youngster and wanted to explore how America and its founding principles somehow differed from the previous Empire's.

I know most of you won't be able to see it so I will tell you the points of interest from what I observed.

Yes this film is an attack on obama and his administration but more so obamas vision of America and what his intentions are with the leadership he is in control of. My points of interest are not motivated by black/white rather what it is that we all hold true about America and how this has changed under his last 4 years and where we are headed if the path is not changed immediately. The one thing of race I will mention is how he manipulates "public opinion" to his advantage and how he is carefully coached on how to accomplish this. I have to admit it is is incredible how he has come to the realization of how he and his associates do this on a daily, hourly basis and it is absolutely ingenious. Americans mostly white have fallen prey to this without even knowing it. A simple way of putting it is that one uses another's niceness as a weakness and to their full advantage.

I can say that his America and yours differ in contrast as far apart as the difference between good and evil. If he has anything to do with your prosperity we are doomed based on his vision! To say that he is a socialist or a communist in his views really don't even begin to encompass his motives or his plans. That you and I would be empowered somehow someway would make him sick to his knees. We have all known these things or suspected as much but I can tell you after seeing the presentation of facts and his back ground & education and his pure motives as exposed in this film, it is an absolute fact.

I am 100% convinced that under his influence we will not see an RV if he has anything to do with this and I pray he dosn't. You too better pray he dosnt because if he does and you see what I saw tonight you too will know that there will not be an RV under his administration.

As told to me by a very wise man once "Politics is the dirtest business on Earth" That was true for me when I heard it 20 years ago as it is today and it has become worse.

This man obama and is partners will bury America if allowed that I understand crystal clear especially now. His policy is designed to make America equal with the rest of the world and he and some very greedy men and woman will do so if allowed. Now this is not a ploy to plug Mitt & company,as any of you know my horse left Dr Paul as I held his policies were to adhere closest to the Ideals of the America I know and love and so where do I go, I am left with a diligent decision to make and I have to follow the son Senator Rand Paul and hold with that the hope that this America will somehow someway be brought back to the Ideals that are what we should all embrace and support, with that I leave it to you and hope and pray you can see this film and get as many people to see it as you all have tremendous influence , realize that and please for America's sake do this, use your influence to get this thug off our lawn!


[Where below it reads PTB or USA or US or GLOBALISM or NWO --- READ "OBAMA the DESPOT, the hand picked ELITEST TYRANT 'king of kings,'even "Rothchild's Choice"]

I am more and more convinced that what all the Dinar world [and world at large] is waiting for economically and politically is the "mark of the beast" to finally show up with all it's condiments and necessary staged preparations for it's debut at an enforcement level. It's already at the voluntary level all over the globe.

All is set for the scenario of the “MOB” digitized BANKING system about to come on board; it’s just over the horizon of the RFID Credit Card chip phenomenon. Apparently over 2/3 of all credit cards have these chips. The next stage, which I think will come due to "dire straits" come upon the world so the PTB are forced to it, is to put it IN the body (a step above ON the body.)

Remember, that's a new "buy and sell" system beyond the use of "currency," and it will come out of the blue sky as a great surprise because NO ONE anticipates it but the PTB (and a few poor poke like me, who've researched this thoroughly thru the years.) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The point is, when this comes down, the PTB intend to “secure” everyone, for schools, for medical care, for security and identification, to counter (government instigated) 'terrorism', for ALL banking (international, national), etc, by implementation of a CODE that is specific only to the individual who has it. (It can't be counterfeited or invaded as the RFID cards can, as seen in the above video.)

The MOB Enforcement "banking system" will soon come down the pike during the final war which is nearer at hand than most want to believe. (SO, so many people are in utter denial as to how serious the situation is in this fading world. Few are those who believe that we are TRULY COME UPON "the ends of the world.") [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I guess you can tell that I believe in the Bible's "end of time scenario" and that we are very close, right there. With the "nuclear threat" already hanging over a polluted and nuclearized world, all it would take is one nuke to go off and the whole planet would be be drawn to a final jeopardy in which the US would truly become the initial policeman and ENFORCER OF THE MOB SYSTEM.
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Revelation13 speaks of the USA threatening all nations with *FIRE - what could that be but the nuclear threat and action they would take to intimidate the nations before any OTHER world nation tries to get a first strike and they would be "in control" (whomever they would be - Russia - China - Iran - etc?)

*Spiritually speaking, the *FIRE would be that demonic SPIRITUALISM which professes/pretends to be "of God." The 4 walled churches of the last day anti-word of God, anti-christ, pro-baal worship (SUN worship day) christianity. (False Christianity.) This is apostate protestantism combined with the large Roman cult system and is known by Historicist Scripture Prophecy as "the false prophet" in the book of Revelation. This SPIRITUALISM is rampant and it is centered in the lamb-like beast of Rev 13:11 which "speaks as a dragon." It's also one of the three frog spirits of Rev 16:13. THIS IS AT THE HEART OF THE USA AT THE END OF TIME.

In my research I've seen many articles online about the danger of the USA going off unilaterally as a Globalist Enforcer by gun point (the nuke threat is greater with the US than any other country in the world and yet we are the one's going around telling all the world to get rid of their nuclear weapons!)

Enter the world of the ObamaNation, "Rothchild's Choice"!---A NWO DICTATOR planted in the middle of America by the votes of the people! (If Jerusalem is put for the USA---Read Lamentations4:12) What will he do in the next few months? Good grief! What will he do with another term?

QUESTION: Who Does the Government Intend to Shoot? [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

ANSWER: People that are hungry and thirsty!

Famine and The RATIONING of the most precious resources in the world will begin very soon; meaning FOOD and WATER will be the most precious commodities on the planet. A 10 % spike In world food prices is just the beginning. (http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/item/12705-world-food-prices-spike-10-percent-in-july)

Wait until all the NA harvests tallies are pulled. We are beginning to see the world famine that Habakkuk the prophet predicted "at the end of time." (See Habakkuk Chapter 3)

Forget “gold and silver.”

In the final end (known as the telos) in Biblical Scripture Prophecy “gold and silver” will be thrown to the bats and to the moles in the caves of the earth.

Fact is, very very soon, EVEN PAPER CURRENCIES will become utterly worthless. How long do we think this INSANE printing of Paper Fiat (decreed) money nonsense can go on? It came in as fluff, it will go out the same, fluff, puff, zeroed!

Or should we think that QE3 will come to the rescue like an alien ship from another planet equipped with some sort of special financial vaccination to save the day and heal all the world's banks and bring every country back to vigorous health & prosperity?

"From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments." [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The (controlled?) collapse of THE MONETARY SYSTEM OF THE WORLD (looming) IS the stage for the MOB system ENFORCEMENT clearly revealed in the book of Revelation, the last chapters 13-18.

The book of Revelation says about the end----(paraphrase) "They that live by the Sword (or hollow point bullets) will perish by the Sword (or hollow point bullets, or any other inventions of war and harm); but those who live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (the Sword of God’s word) will live forever," even if they be called to a true martyrdom.

The Dinar RV....?

I read this post recently. It contains the typical Dinar World nonsense and the "circular insanity" of the day by day by hour by hour anticipation of the IQD RV (or something!)...

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I'm beginning to think JW and the rest of the Dinarian's of the Dinar world and ChatOsphere have lost their minds to a faded reality now turned FANTASY! And I am feeling awful about knowing it as I seek to regain my own mind back to the REALITY of (probably) NO RV!

I don't know how long I can hold out before I begin to blog about all the NONSENSE that is incorporated to build up "the RV plan" with so much false hopium and GURUism's which ignores THE RAPIDLY ADVANCING GLOBALISM; ignores the signs that the ME is imploding (with Iraq itself subjected to the crushing down of the Globalists); who ignore the downward trends of the USA, the fact that it is becoming a feudal state of the NWO where all are proscribed to be poor and under the thumb of a militant Police State US government.


How long can people be held in the suspended animation of "WE ARE CLOSER EVERY PASSING DAY" and that "WE MUST SEE THIS THROUGH...(yada, yada, yada,) THE PLAN...." Yada yada yada...

Surprise me with an RV C/E etc...!
For now, I can't see it happening EVER!

Not with "Rothchild's Choice" and what his Globalists Elite Controllers are seeking to do to this country and the world.

That "Conspiracy" is BIG, and it's THE TRUTH! Woe do those who don't believe it.

END... PROOF! NoWhereMan is DONE!

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