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Iraqi first satellite into space in 2015

10.05.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -

Baghdad / term after a delay lasting for more than ten years, Iraq has announced recently its intention to launch a satellite during the next three years at a cost of $ 50 million to develop the telecommunications sector as well as to provide its services business to neighboring countries. As rejected Baghdad, said the crowd Moon Israeli "Amos" of the moon Iraq's pending in orbit "sovereign", expressed Iran's fear of Israel's exploitation of the orbit of Iraq's space for the purposes of spying on its nuclear facilities. Against the backdrop of openness informational experienced by Iraq after 2003, which contributed to enter the mobile networks and the creation of more than 50 satellite local broadcast on the satellite Arab and foreign , called for specialists to establish satellite Iraqis to meet the needs of the country. The Ministry of Communications several years ago to develop the communications infrastructure across the complete set up a network optical cable which will make the country's complex mission in the field of communication of information in the Middle East. The Mstrqua companies, mobile phone, according to statistics published by the companies Asiacell and Zain Iraq and Cork, to more than 20 million subscribers, which makes Iraq among the markets most recovery in the field of communications. said Amir Bayati, art dealer of the Ministry of Communications, in a press statement on the ministry that "satellite launch on Iraq would be on Over the next three years at a cost of $ 150 million. " and added that "Iraq is over-right the official launch satellite in 2001 after receiving a letter from the World Federation for Communications and Radio Frequency ordered the establishment of the moon and start Bajraouatna technical industry," and continues, "Iraq and the result of conditions experienced by did not want to book the World Federation went right under the laws of the Union to the state that come in second place in terms of establishment and industry satellite France, especially the company Eutelsat launched Moon vicinity of the frequency orbit the first of Iraq degree 48 which is a rate of two degrees over the Iraq first. " confirms Al-Bayati "The Moon French after much hesitation in the first orbit of Iraq, but the ministry decided to begin work in the industry, according to Iraqi satellite orbits allocated to the country of the World Federation and are 65.50 degree." And stresses that the Ministry of Communications "in connection with the completion of the technical measures and contracting with international companies specialized industry satellites." and predicted the agent that "are satellite launch in the coming years worth up to $ 150 million," believe that "Iraq is capable of launching the satellite according to the possibilities available and existing. " But the government official corrects by saying that "cadres of the Ministry of Communications for the implementation of this project are few and will depend on the staffs of Iraqi abroad for its implementation," adding that "the Ministry is seeking to exploit the Moon for commercial purposes and serves the states of regional neighbors we have set out a trade where the will Moon satellite TV broadcasting services, Internet and information services full. " To the detection of al-Bayati, the "Israeli attempts to launch a satellite to orbit close to the orbit of Iraq next year." Explains, "there are moves of several regional countries to launch satellites to orbits and frequencies, including Iraq and Israel, which is trying to set up its own satellite to orbit from orbit." Noting that "Iraq refused all these requests and reserved the right the official establishment of the satellite to orbit the approval of the International Telecommunications Union." says al-Bayati said "Israel is currently intends to launch satellite, after the initiation of Balmekdmat during the last period it is hoped to launch the beginning of 2013, but they will affect the frequency Iraq and the satellite of Iraq. " said a senior official in the Ministry of Communications that "Iraq sent an indirect message to the World Conference of radio reject the bill, the Israeli and uphold the right of Iraq in launching moon satellite soon with obtaining guarantees that when start setting up the satellite will be forced to stop their project, which implemented orbit close to the orbit of Iraq. " projects and raise "space invasion" run by Israel fears a number of neighboring regional countries including Iran and Syria used for the purposes of spying on military and security Mncathma. Tehran has conducted experiments during the past two years to launch satellites, said it was for scientific purposes, as it expressed its readiness to help Iraq in space technology.

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