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Convention Erbil is NOT a Violation of the Constitution

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Dry: Convention Erbil is not a violation of the Constitution

Baghdad / Orr News

Demanded the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance MP for the dry Ashwaq state law Faleh Ziadi, show the facts of what he called "the breach of the Convention on the legal Arbil," asserting that a constitutional convention Arbil, articles inspired by the Constitution.

The Ziadi said that all the political blocs responsible for the current crisis because of the signing of the Convention on Arbil, in which the terms of violation of the Constitution. The supernumerary: The cause of the crisis which the country now is the Convention Erbil because it was switch the Constitution accords political, this method can not occur in any case that there will be political agreements substitute for the Constitution, all these problems were the result of compromises that have occurred in Erbil.

She said the dry, "said the agreement has been found by the specialized committees and distributed among the members of the House of Representatives to indicate whether unconstitutional or there constitutional violation. And confirmed dry," remarks the brothers in the state of law on the unconstitutionality of the Convention on Arbil mean by not executing the Policy Board strategy, considering it unconstitutional and this is a mistake, because the constitutionality of this article purely in accordance with Article 180.

The MP pointed out that "the Policy Council is very important and necessary to develop a strategic vision for Iraq, and that the absence of this Council is the cause of the impasse of internal and external to the country, if the Council was present as there would have been problems As when said each block statement to the sister countries, and thus strained diplomatic relations."

And showed dry, "said the draft pertaining to the Policy Board includes breach of a constitutionally significant, and not two in the House of Representatives Alaoukd disagreed on the constitutionality of this item,

but Hassan Sinead, a member of the state of law said yes, there are constitutional violation in the draft Convention on the Erbil for being written in a hurry."

said Rep. "The constitutional violation is not under the Policy Board, but in the draft agreement of Arbil. "and called dry Commission legal" work the rewriting of the draft agreement to be in harmony with the spirit of the Constitution, and that breach exists in the draft to AVI terms of the Arbil."

and showed MP," The Convention on the Erbil is not the cause of political crisis, but evade the blocks for implementation of the Convention, inspired by the Constitution, is has brought us to this crisis, tension and threaten the political process of collapse."

She added ,"that the agreement is successful The key to solving all the problems in the country. "dry and called her remark at the end of the political blocs" to refer to the provisions of the constitution without selectivity to resolve all political disputes before the National Almutmr."

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