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fear for the lives of Jews in the last 7 Iraqis in Baghdad after the publication of their names through the Wikileaks

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Alsumaria News / Beirut newspaper "Times" The publication of the Wikileaks site and names of the last seven Jews, Iraqis in Baghdad, making their lives at risk at any moment. The newspaper quoted the priest Anglican of the city, Andrew White, saying that "the Church has done its utmost to protect the Jews, the remaining seven," noting that "someone was trying to leave while the rejection of others so as to grow old in age." continued White, "We were trying to help, but the publication of Wikileaks names work very, very serious." The group had contacted the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad in search of any diplomats Jews can join them in religious events to complete the required number according to Jewish law, but their names revealed when the site posted and Chaeliks correspondence the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. nor is the number 7 according to the Jewish religion enough to readers of the Torah in public, and does not allow a ceremony of "Kaddish" (appropriate for the deceased), since the closure of other synagogues in Baghdad, "Mir Twigg" in 2003. The newspaper said that "program" Today "in channel" BBC "prepared by Allen Antop, issued a warning about the risks faced by the Jews seven when the broadcast this morning. and Antop is the producer of "The Last Jews of Iraq "documenting the exodus of Jews from Iraq, talking about who did not leave yet. White said that the Anglican Church in Baghdad, trying to care for places of Jewish in Iraq, "noting that" he visited the tomb of Ezekiel last week and found that it needed major repairs. " The Iraq was home to a large number of followers of Judaism in the past, but many of them leave the country in waves of exodus after the establishment of the State of Israel, and in the aftermath of the war between the Arabs and the Israelis in 1948. and the form of Iraqi Jews in the past, a sector rich and active economically in Iraqi society, and in the book "Iraq Directory» published in 1936, mentioned "the Jewish community", which reached a population of the then nearly 120,000 people, side by side with the Arabs, Kurds, Muslims, and Turkmen, Christians, Yazidis, Sabeans, and the book refers to Hebrew as one of the six languages ​​being spoken within the country , describes Iraq as "the land on which stands the mosque along with the church and the temple," but that most of the impact of Jews on both sides of the river, "Pratt" and "Hadekkel", two names Alabbarian of the Tigris and Euphrates ceased to exist, is no longer the ghetto city of Baghdad and there, and 80 miles south of Baghdad, there is the tomb of the Prophet "rump" which includes the Hebrew inscriptions and is visited by dozens of Muslims in recognition of the shrine as a prophet.

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