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Decentralization and performance

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1 Decentralization and performance on Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:54 pm


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Decentralization and performance

07/7/2018 12:00 am
Thamer Hymes

Decentralization extends its power from the Constitution and assumes that there are elected institutions of government (provincial councils) responsible to citizens based on the principles of decentralization, namely recognition of the existence of the independent moral character of the local units and their recognition of the existence of national interests.

This is a justification for adopting an administrative system, And not inconsistent with the goals and national premises - as reported by the general framework of the plan National Development.

When we hear the governor of Wasit in a statement that (as a result of decentralization increased revenues from (7 billion dinars in 2007 to 21 billion dinars in 2017) that it is heartening in principle thanks to the serious activation of the law limited powers that do not interfere with national goals and premises.

In any case, it means good performance in the framework of decentralization, and this model has not withdrawn on other decentralizations for different reasons.

We also do not have rates, criteria or scientific models for comparison because the criteria are not included in the priority list.

(A foregone conclusion).

In general, we can say that the good performance of the same pot is more than usual, but it remains by any standards we measure and compare, because without (comparison and criticism) no one can progress individual or group.

For example, in a statement to the head of the Customs Authority, he said that the imports of customs for the month of June of this year amounted to 23 billion dinars, while the income of the first four months of the same year slightly more than 22 billion dinars).

Where the sonar devices have been idle for years and have not been repaired but can not be adopted as a fundamental reason.

It is important that there be seriousness in the work, where we have not heard about the punishment of the poor or the reward for efficiency, in addition to the absence of the standard in light of which we reveal the points of failure of success and failure together; it is known that the import starts from the license issued by the Ministry of Commerce and possible, Hard currency, an initial determination of profit, according to which the tax and the customs fee will be determined up to the income tax, and the external transfer under the leave will also be an indication.

Decentralization of the provinces must be free from bureaucracies by adopting flexibility in dealing with local resources to serve the objectives of the five-year plan and sustainable development, which has become a strategic option after the dominance of oil rent and its consequences; Decentralization is therefore an essential tool for sustainable development after the availability of legal will and economic plan realism.

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