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Towards meaningful economic information

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1 Towards meaningful economic information on Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:46 pm


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Towards meaningful economic information

Author: Yasser Metwally
10/6/2018 12:00 am

In order for the building to be solid, its pillars must be strong.

One of the most important pillars of sound economic construction is the availability of solid economic information.

It has the ability to analyze economic phenomena and to address its effects and provide solutions to them through experts' visions to reduce the impact of this phenomenon.

I drew attention to the effectiveness carried out by the Association of Iraqi private banks in cooperation with the College of Information University of Baghdad organized a training course focused on economic media for a group of grades ended in the Faculty of Information.

This session comes after the Association sensed the importance of this aspect after receiving a few media statements by some of those who do not have the experience and knowledge of economic affairs and the tendency of some media outlets behind these dangerous statements on the national economy, which distorted the image and the role of banks.

The morning, since the change in 2003, warns of the danger of media statements to non-specialists, and that Arshifi filled with my own in this regard and the calls of our colleagues not to follow the statements harmful to the national economy by non-specialists.

The idea adopted by the association found a deep resonance among the specialists as well as academics and economic media professionals who attended the ceremony of distributing certificates of appreciation among the graduates of this course, which is the core of building a solid economic media base.

The celebration hall witnessed a strong movement towards embracing the young energies and directing them towards specialization in the field of economic media.

The Association went even further when it announced the adoption of this specialization to strengthen the media departments in all banks, thus providing jobs for this important specialization.

This occasion was an opportunity to share ideas presented during the ceremony, which were contributed by Dean of the Faculty of Information Dr. Hashim Hassan and Editor-in-Chief colleague Abbas Abboud Salem and the spokesman of the Central Bank d. Bassem Al-Brahimi and the President of the Association, Eng. Wadih Al-Hanalal, and reached several important proposals and ideas on the way to strengthen the task of preparing specialized media cadres in the field of economics and reflected the interest and care of the youth sector as future leaders in all specialties.

My conclusion and my impression on this initiative is "how the private sector thinks" of managing the economic file in the right way.

Therefore, civil society organizations with other economic issues are also called upon to adopt initiatives aimed at supporting and promoting economic construction and advocacy connected to the economic and public sectors in the public and private sectors to adopt media outputs.

Economic future and a sincere invitation to the College of Information and Dean of the profession and age to seek the opening of a special section of economic flags to complement the task.

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