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Achieving development goals requires revenue regulation

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Achieving development goals requires revenue regulation

02/5/2018 12:00 am

Requires realistic solutions to challenges

Baghdad / Emad Al-Amara

The success of sustainable local development depends on a set of elements required to achieve the development goals and translate them into reality, because sustainable development is a combination of multiple needs and interactive problems, which emphasizes the need for realistic solutions through the availability of some factors and concentrations, which require funding and partnership between Public and private sector at the forefront.

Types of savings

The Economic Academy Wafaa Al-Mahdawi said that "the funding derived from the national savings, which includes voluntary saving and compulsory saving," explaining that

"the first type represents the part of per capita income that the individual decides not to spend is the most important pillars of development in general and the lifeblood of sustainable local development, And takes the placement of accounts in banks and savings funds.

"Local councils provide many important services that require the allocation of a lot of money, and the availability of such funds requires them to work hard to develop their own resources and rely on them," she said. Rather than relying on government subsidies, loans and other sources of funding."

The measure is intended to "strengthen its independence and develop the spirit of participation of the local population and to confirm their sense of responsibility.

Financial resources should also have some flexibility to cope with the steady rise in local authorities' expenditures or the rise in prices."

And considered the need to allow the use of sources of revenue, especially tax in the service of economic and social purposes, which requires the existence of flexible taxes can be changed system and categories quickly as the change and multiplicity of purpose intended.

Poor interest

Al-Mahdawi added that "the World Development Report 2004, which is under the heading (to make services work for the poor), illustrates the fundamental relationship between liability accounting systems and the performance of services.

Here, individuals can naturally affect the quality and the quality of the services they receive through the short track To account for responsibility through customer power in the market and semi-market systems."

The World Development Report asserts that decentralization effectively reduces the long-term path by providing opportunities for more effective and effective communication between government officials and citizens, thereby enhancing the citizen's influence in management.

Partnership of the two sectors

"The other important pillar to support sustainable local development is public-private partnership," Mahdawi said.

"This situation represents a set of gains more than traditional insurance and buying methods.

These gains divide the risks to the party that is able to manage them at the lowest cost while ensuring rapid implementation. Especially infrastructure projects, as well as enhancing decentralization as the partnership between the two sectors allows for economic decentralization."

"Therefore, state agencies can benefit from the experience of a central unit specialized in partnership contracts to develop projects that do not have the competence and expertise to develop them.

Thus, partnership is a tool to avoid dependence on management Central."

Economic growth

"The increasing involvement of government entities in partnerships helps to move the private partner, contribute more to employment and economic growth.

Local companies that become more capable of operating in the partnership system can export their expertise and gain income from outside the region," Mahdawi said.

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