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Al Nassiri issue type (Central Bank in meeting the challenges of economic and financial crisis)

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Al Nassiri issue type (Central Bank in meeting the challenges of economic and financial crisis)

Economy news Baghdad

Economic Advisor and banking issued to Iraqi private banks Association, Samir Al Nassiri, writing of unmarked (Central Bank in meeting the challenges of economic and financial crisis) which documents the Bank's effort to support the national economy.

Al Nassiri said, informed Symposium, to view the book, held at the Central Bank, "economy" attended, she holds under the guidance of the Central Bank Governor on the relationship of the book review, noting that "transparent and impartial document central actions during the years 2015 2017 and which Active steps to support the national economy and strengthen economic resilience.

He noted that he "contains ten chapters b 300 definitely average page containing about CBI wodaev targets as set out in its 56 in 2004 and the challenges for monetary policy and financial and economic analysis of structural imbalances in the economy in addition to the central point procedures Meet these challenges and overcoming economic and financial shocks faced by Iraq."

One chapter he speaks about the Central Bank's strategy for the years 2016 five basic objectives and 2020 as well as their subsidiary amounting to 18 targets, noting that it includes the assessment and classification of the banking sector in accordance with international standards and particularly the classification for sell window.

However, Al Nassiri, the book deals with seeing his analysis of stick your policy goals in Iraq and its tools and check them for 2004 years 2017, as well as it contains a chapter "important" about the challenges facing the banking sector and how to face them by the Iraqi Central Bank, plus a chapter Explain administrative and regulatory procedures carried out by the specialist departments in the Bank and effective contribution to the achievement of central directives to support the national economy.

He said that recent "version contains at the end on an extension of the Central documents concerning the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing and strategy for 2020 2016 years adding to guidelines to follow and discover money-laundering, as well as the attached statistical tables and data Almalibh containing the results of the Bank's activity during this period.

Finally, the Symposium witnessed participation from the audience, the first Director of the Administrative Department at the Central Bank of Iraq, Saleh Mahuad praised a book promising scientific achievement especially important for researchers and learners.

In turn praised, President of the Association of private banks, meek bitter melon, the role of the Central Bank of Iraq with regard to instil confidence among the banking sector, the Central Bank.

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