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the administrative system and its development mission

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the administrative system and its development mission

19/2/2018 12:00 a.m.
Haydar Kazem al-Baghdadi

Voices are called upon to work for the advancement of the administrative aspects that represent the guarantor of the process of economic advancement through the provision of control over all operations that accompany any economic movement aimed at achieving a development process.

The administration.. This dynamic hinge, which represents a safety valve to make customizations go in the right direction, needs comprehensive development and we stand at global experiences in this area, particularly those countries that have large budgets that are managed by sophisticated administrative mechanisms that can be utilized in Iraq and are the springboard for a new development phase.

The department requires important steps for its development, foremost among which is to reduce the migration of Iraqi skills and to adopt sophisticated information programmes and planning for the creation of a professional-described administrative system coincides with the initiation of the economic development process that Iraq seeks for the next phase.

An effective, transparent and managed management system in accordance with international mechanisms contributes in all cases to reducing the flight and smuggling of capital, and supports activity domestic and foreign investment, and creates the legislative and physical environment for the development of local industrial, agricultural and service production.

The focus is necessary on the review of management rules, the development of a professional management body, understanding the requirements of the phase, and the modernization of the financial Information management system the basis for good governance of fiscal policy and the management of Iraq's finances, and the construction of accounts and auditing procedures on a newly recognized basis Internationally, using modern technology and software.

And here.. We must work to standardize data and statistics from different circles, build the highest standards of transparency and provide information to groups that need to be based on the right of access to information, while supporting efforts to join the World Trade Organization (WTO), which requires working to create An appropriate cadre that is consistent with the needs of organized accession.

The existence of an advanced administrative apparatus that contributes to the provisions of the lane fence and the control and reinforcement of the ports of the modern information software and links it to the services concerned; To strengthen oversight and supervision, close the doors of corruption, strengthen state resources, develop banking and financial institutions and restructure banks The supporting systems and institutions, such as the deposit guarantee and loan guarantee system, and other supporting systems and institutions.

Hence, we can be aware that the administrative apparatus must be developed into greater levels of harmony and the size of the national economy, which is a kiss for the major world's specialized companies.

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