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Reconstruction between grants and investment

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1 Reconstruction between grants and investment on Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:53 pm


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Reconstruction between grants and investment

08/2/2018 12:00 am
Dr.. Bassem Ibrahimi

The results of the Iraqi reconstruction conference to be held in Kuwait this month are expected to be expected and the figures available so far on the size of the participation reinforce the optimism we feel.

More than 2,000 companies from most of the world, as well as seventy State and organization confirmed their official presence.

What does Iraq want from this conference? What does the world want?

Perhaps these questions shorten all the other questions, and as far as the economic aspect is concerned, it is in our interest to meet the interest International.

Iraq senses the importance of the advancement of the current reality to regain its leading role regionally because of the economic qualifications it gives preference to other countries in the region, especially after the financial crisis caused by falling prices Oil.

In turn, the world senses the importance of the economic development of Iraq and the impact on the creation of a state of balance internally and regionally, as experience has shown that the waste of economic energies in Iraq not only affect him, but the region and perhaps the world as a result of the correlation between corruption and terrorism, and thus the importance of economic input for treatment at some point After victory over Terrorism.

As part of the support provided to Iraq will be in the form of the first international contributions to the reconstruction of specific projects, while the second will be through the introduction of investment projects, where Iraq will present during the second day of the Conference a number of projects exceeding 80 billion dollars and guarantees provided by the bank International.

Note that the process of reconstruction through investment projects have more than an advantage, they create a sustainable partnership between Iraq and the world as well as the fact that investment is usually away from cases of corruption that can be created by the process of voluntary contributions

According to the English researcher Mira Wilkins, the Sumerians are the first to know the investment outside the border, since (2500) BC, which is known today as foreign investment after the shift of Sumerian traders to Investors.

Unfortunately, in the last two decades we have seen many of our investors turn to trade for obvious reasons, but it is remarkable that local companies have an important presence at this conference. Will this conference be an opportunity for grandchildren to do what grandparents do? Other?.

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