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The starting line for the next stage economy

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1 The starting line for the next stage economy on Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:46 pm


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The starting line for the next stage economy

24/1/2018 12:00 am
Sami Kashkool

It seems that Mr. Abadi, during his years as prime minister, did not succeed in the military level of liberating more than 174,000 km 2 from the control of terrorist gangs, but also succeeded in creating a future economic vision for Iraq.

The first steps are to support a private sector capable of being a reliable partner of the state in taking over the tasks of making financial outlets to help the oil revenues, which burdened the state with armies of employees waiting for the monthly salary without attention to the quality and quantity of individual production was one of the most important steps of the government.

In addition to setting the first line of initiative to combat corruption, which negatively affected the structure of governmental and even non-governmental institutions, which caused the disruption of production speed and the decline of GDP and national output to high levels.

The issue of putting an economic strategy under conditions like the one Iraq has lived in is a fantasy in light of the huge financial volumes that went as a cost to the war on "dodging."

In addition to the reluctance of foreign capital to enter Iraq because of the security situation during the last four years makes its success tangible. It is necessary to stand and study it objectively And clear.

But the first and most important lesson can be deduced from all this experience is that the cabins Abadi succeeded in loading the next government a great task to complete this success and crowned after the great success globally by liberating the land through another success is to attract investment companies and Arab capitals and Iraqi expatriate race to work in Iraq.

This will not happen without moving forward the issue of fighting corruption, which agrees all observers and relatives of the Iraqi institutional system that it will be a war of no less important or useful to fight the gangs and called for the terrorist and restore the lost Iraqi funds and put the right person in the place the appropriate.

Hence the great challenge facing the next government, which requires constant and continuous work to begin Iraq's process of construction and reconstruction real and actual, which changes the shape of the national economy and make Iraq takes its real place among the economies of the world with its natural and human resources and geographical location on the map Global.

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