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Money is the product of knowledge and creativity

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Money is the product of knowledge and creativity

17/1/2018 12:00 am
Eman Alosi

The money is the product of ideas, knowledge and creativity, not prestigious university degrees or money.

There are many who have high academic degrees and well-known international universities, but not all of them are architects of architecture, Eckhart Toll in physics and Deepak Chopra in medicine ...

That knowledge in a unique and ingenious way in a vastly global universe, and not everyone who owns the money makes success and entrepreneurship in enterprise building and development.

And we see people with their ideas and the product of the genius of their minds have received billions of money and the construction of giant institutions influential in the world, including the inventor of Watsab, Facebook and much in our modern world and we still have those who believe that money is the goal and the only way to establish projects and achieve goals.

The world is witnessing a rapid development in scientific research, information technology, communication technology and in all fields of life, accompanied by a parallel development in human development, human development and development of its abilities to improve its kind of life and effective planning to achieve its objectives and contribute to building civilized societies on the basis of justice, Peace.

The essence and spirit of companies in their values and the essence of their creative values and the essence of creativity is the enthusiasm of the most famous person (Steve Jobs), who invested his ideas in a way that stunned the world and stuck his name to Apple and the reason for its fame and earn billions of money even present day.

The reality is that we emphasize the importance of spreading and embracing the culture of creativity and human development and keeping pace with the movement of science, knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and sincerity in work, home and places of study to inspire hope and peace to create a capable and creative generation to build its future and participate in building its homeland in a spirit full of positive energy and values of good and prosperity. Borders.

Human development is the foundation and the starting point for success in all life and economic processes in particular, which requires us to move towards building human capacities and embrace the outstanding and invest them to serve the country and make it an active participant in the development process after providing him with the necessary innovation environment.

Iraqi human resources are capable of creativity in all areas of life, and the next requires that we harness the talents of our human resources in a way that changes the shape of the economy.

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