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Evaluation Needs

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Evaluation Needs

19/12/2017 12:00 AM
Haidar Kazem al-Baghdadi

It is no secret that the next stage requires extraordinary efforts to complete the stages of sound economic construction that must be witnessed by Iraq in all its regions without exception, especially as the focus will be on the liberated areas that require a large volume of work, for the size of the destruction that has become evident.

This large volume of work requires extraordinary efforts by all and according to the specialization to reach real and real integration between all parties to achieve the desired goals, which were drawn up by the specialists in this regard The important.

The total economic operations, which are taking place in all regions of Iraq, need a sophisticated banking sector capable of bearing the burdens of the stage and be a true supporter of the national economy in all its productive sectors And service.

When we talk about the size of a large business, we realize that the responsibilities of the banking system is great, and it must realize that it must expand its activity, and work to develop the best banking systems adopted in the world and the global banks Great.

And we are on the threshold of a new year, must be an assessment stage led by the Central Bank of Iraq, which works to regulate the work of the private banking sector, to stand at the real reality of the extent of compliance of the banking system instructions issued in various activities, and then go to a new assessment of all Banks.

Thus, the assessment will serve as a stimulus to the banking system and works to strengthen the capacities and products of banks that have developed their mechanisms of work and give them new incentives, and leads to improve the reality of the work of banks that may not play a developmental role commensurate with the objectives Establishment.

And the need is urgent to create a solid banking sector that plays its developmental role and supports all economic processes, and raise the number of products provided by our banks to acceptable levels.

It can not be said that there are difficulties facing the process of developing banking performance in the light of the openness of Iraq to the outside world and out of the provisions of Chapter VII, can also benefit from the presence of offices of sophisticated technology companies in Baghdad on more than one occasion.

By complying with the Central Bank's instructions, bringing in advanced banking technologies, qualifying human resources and intensifying the internal and external training activity, all our banks can be upgraded from the level of their evaluation, which is considered an Iraqi banking success. 2018.

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